Jamis Clock adding new edge to lawns and patios with world’s most elegant art clocks

June 06 17:22 2017
New promising startup Jamis Clock has come up with the classiest art clocks in the whole world for patios, gardens and decks. They sport a refined vintage look and all of them also work as weather stations.

Shenzhen, China – June 6, 2017 – There has never been a better “time” for all those looking to glam up their gardens or patios! A promising startup Jamis Clock has recently launched world’s most elegant art clocks that assure to add a new classy dimension to your lawns, terrace and decks. The beautiful standing watches are available for the whole of the USA.

“It’s a great moment for us to announce that we have finally come up with our dream collection of world’s classiest art clocks. Crafted with care, all our clocks speak of magnificent craftsmanship and timeless design to ensure a treasured keepsake for your users. We have maintained an esteemed antique look here that will make your lawn stand out in the whole neighborhood. If you are looking for that ‘one’ thing that will instantly oomph up the very aura of your garden or patio – our clock is that magic wonder for you.  We promise you prized collections which you would love to pass on to your future generations as a cherished legacy”, smiled Jamis, the man behind Jamis Clock.

The art clocks are available in 14”, 15” and 16” dimensions. All are made from sturdy cast iron to bring in the elegant vintage feel. For those looking for a minimalist appeal, there are graceful single-sided standing clocks with a big display head and neat metallic artworks. For those who want some added functionality, Jamis Clock has also come up with dual functional timekeepers.

“One of the best parts of our inspiring collection is that some of our beautiful art clocks can also double up as plant hangers. Whether you want to hang one pot or a pair of roses and pansy-there are great options for both. You can stand the clock at your main entrance to welcome all your visitors with lovely green freshness. Then, you can even plant it at your otherwise barren patio to bring a dash of color to the overall area.”

All the clocks come up with 3 functional pedestal for their easy placements on patio stand, deck stand and lawn stand. Every piece is designed with clock on one side and hygrometer and thermometer on the other. Some of them even house a barometer.

“Our clocks are not your regular garden clocks that just show the hours and minutes. Added to being breathtakingly artsy, they are also equipped to function as weather stations. You will not only be able to measure time but also the air pressure, humidity in the air and temperature with our garden clocks. Such functionalities are extremely helpful to determine right plant care in accordance to the specific weather conditions. They will not only make your life more beautiful but convenient as well.”, he added in. 

Jamis Clock is offering free shipping on all orders exceeding $75. 

To check out world’s most elegant art clocks, visit http://www.jamisclock.com/

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