Planet 13 Las Vegas: A New Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas, NV Providing a Top-Notch Experience

July 01 07:15 2017
Las Vegas, NV now has a new recreational marijuana dispensary that offers the highest quality of service. Planet 13 Las Vegas is everything one could seek in a legal cannabis dispensary and open to all clients above the legal age.

Recreational marijuana dispensaries are still rare as only a few states legalized them. Nevada has recently joined this club, which resulted in the opening of Planet 13 Las Vegas. This recreational marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, NV focuses on providing the best customer experience. Here one can purchase a wide range of marijuana types and essential supplies. The store is sleek, stylish, and has a friendly atmosphere where one can relax and enjoy their shopping.

How Planet 13 Las Vegas Overcomes the Industry Challenges

The legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes is a fledgling industry that isn’t expected to see a huge initial boost in growth. The main reasons for this include huge taxes and difficulties in obtaining financing for the venture. From the business point of view, opening a dispensary is a challenge.

Planet 13 Las Vegas managed to successfully overcome all the challenges that prevent these businesses from forming. The shop is up and running, offering products from top suppliers in the industry.

A variety of clever deals also allows this recreational marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, NV to offer highly competitive prices. Legal pot never comes cheap, as taxes for this industry are huge. However, the Planet’s team managed to bring their rates to a minimum.

What to Expect from a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas, NV

Dispensaries, like any other shop, vary quite a bit. When entering Planet 13 Las Vegas, one gets the experience of a luxury boutique. Every customer is treated with respect and allowed to shop at their own pace.

The dispensary’s website offers their ‘menu’. Therefore, customers can decide what they want even before entering the shop. Inside it, one can receive a consultation from a friendly ‘budtender’. These professionals will answer any questions and offer advice whenever necessary.

The law obliges one to provide valid identification when buying from a recreational marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. Therefore, to shop at Planet 13 Las Vegas, one must have a driver’s license or a passport on them. Please note that people under the age of 21 can’t make purchases and sometimes aren’t even allowed inside the shop.

Planet 13 Las Vegas is a new business, but it has already started growing a loyal customer base. This recreational marijuana dispensary offers a great selection of products to satisfy any customer.

Media Contact
Company Name: Planet 13 Las Vegas
Contact Person: Keith S. Massey
Phone: (702) 851-5280
Address:4850 W Sunset Rd #130-B
City: Las Vegas
State: NV 89118
Country: United States