Power Play’s unique ballet stretch band set – an interesting new choice for stretching equipment

July 01 10:09 2017
Advertising their new Ballet Stretch Band as “for those who demand excellence”, Power Play Sports proudly introduces their product as a unique and outstanding addition to the market.

DALLAS, TEXAS – 1 Jul, 2017 – Ballet dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts just got a new interesting choice to add to their training equipment collection. Not just the stretch band itself, Power Play Ballet Stretch Band Set delivers some complementary products that surely will enhance the customer’s experience even further.

Ballet stretch band is a common term for a type of resistance loop band specially designed to help users stretch their arms, legs and foot arch at a higher level and improve flexibility. Unlike other bulky stretching equipment that requires anchors or mounting, this elastic rubber band can be conveniently stored inside a small drawstring bag and used right away. It is used for ballet or contemporary dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading or ice skating training to increase strength and flexibility. Many people also enjoy using it as an addition to their yoga or workout routines.

Power Play understands the needs of their audience and doesn’t forget to include a detailed illustrated guide with various stretching instructions. It helps beginner to easily get started with simple and easy-to-follow exercises. The guide also contains tips and recommendations on how to get the best results from the product and how to preserve it.

What makes Power Play’s Ballet Stretch Band Set truly different is the bonus lacrosse ball. This helpful self-massage tool is a nice thing to have after intensive training, which is a regular thing for ballet dancers or gymnasts. By taking care of their customers before, during and after use, Power Play makes using their product a pleasant experience overall.

“To differentiate, we have to go further and dig deeper”, said Barry Freeman, co-founder of Power Play Sports. “One of our favorite way to do that is by adding features that we know customers will love and to ensure their best experience with the product”, he added.

About Power Play Sports

Power Play Sports, founded in summer 2016, is a company specialized in sporting goods. Their products can be found on Amazon.

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