Airwheel R6 Folding Electric Bike Is An Effective Tool To Release The Pressure Oppressed In Heart

July 01 11:41 2017
There are so many pressures in the city life, which have greatly oppressed people’s nature. The pressures come from the work, the unhappy daily life and all aspects in cities. Fortunately, Airwheel introduced R series and R6 fast electric bike was newly added to it, which help people release the pressure inside them.

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Work pressure refers to the strain, either physical or mental or both, coming from one’s work. So does the life pressure. The pressures in the city life have oppressed the mind and nature of people. Now Airwheel R6 fast electric bike has come and it is time for citizens to release the wildness oppressed inside them. Airwheel has strong performances that satisfy all the wild imagination of citizens. Bigger battery capacity and efficient vehicle units guarantee the long range of Airwheel R6. The electricity capacity of R6’s battery cores is 244.2Wh or 429.2Wh.

R6 folding bike

The wheels of Airwheel also have larger hubs, which contribute to more stability in riding. The motor of R6 is powerful and great energy-saving and will drive the vehicle to conquer any road conditions. All the top-quality vehicle units and the whole elaborately designed structure make R6 the most powerful and, of course, fascinating toys for people wanting some rough games for their boring city life. Airwheel R6 Smart E Bike will satisfy all people’s desires and help people release their wildness in leisure time.

Airwheel R6 fast electric bike 

On people’s way to their companies, R6 takes them away from the desperate car lines. In leisure time, R6 is the complete all-round vehicle for people’s city travels. Unsurfaced roads bump roads, and even the mud roads cause no trouble to R6 electric assist bicycle. Riders are empowered to alter riding styles of man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles freely. Like you ride traditional bikes, ride R6 to build up body in man-powered mode. There are many different gears for you in power-assisted.

Airwheel R6 Smart E Bike 

Different from R5 and R3, R6 folding bike makes riding more convenient, as it installs automatic folding system. That is to say, you can press one button to extend or contract automatically. As a result, the mini body can be carried around. R6 gives riders more possibilities.

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