Website offer top 40 music charts in the USA and over 90 other countries

July 01 16:41 2017
Charts are updated weekly, monthly, and annually using YouTube data API

Music charts all around the world have become a sensation for music lovers. Popnable is a website that offers information on the top 40 music charts across the world based on YouTube popularity. The site also offers charts information for views and business trends, since views are a critical part of the music industry structure. Popnable also announces the USA top 40 songs, and top 40 charts in other major countries, including the UK, Australia, India, Canada, and Europe. Visit their website at to register for a free account and start utilizing their amazing music information resources.

“Popnable offer high-quality information about music videos in the USA and around the world. We help people find out what videos are trending, so they can structure their business advertisement accordingly. The information on our website is automatically updated via information obtained from YouTube data API,” said a representative of popnable.

Popnable is the right place to go when looking for resourceful information about the top music video busting the charts, in different parts of the world. Videos added to their platforms have been analyzed for their performance weekly, monthly, and annually. The website offer chart archives for music video performance, including views, likes, average views, dislikes and so on. Users have access to very insightful resources that provide complete access to music video trends.

“Popnable is a great resource for the music industry. As a music promoter, I always wanted to know the trending songs and artists to set up my strategy and find trending talents. The ability to access all of that information about songs and artists from more than 90 countries across the world have been just remarkable. I will recommend this site to anyone,” said Matt D, a user.

Apart from providing weekly, monthly, and annual USA top 40 songs, the site also adds artists and songs to their lists regularly, gradually becoming a repository of the songs, artists, and music video charts, view performances, and archives. So far, they have added over 51,000 videos, 20,000 artists, and thousands of charts across the world, in just two years of online presence.

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Popnable is an online resource that provides detailed insights and information about music video top 40 charts in the US and over 90 other countries around the world. The site is regularly and automatically updated to provide users with the best music industry resources.

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