Aggressively Transitioning From Personal Fashion Stylist To High-End Real Estate Developer

July 03 14:36 2017

DENVER COLORADO – 3 Jul, 2017 – From having experience in branding and marketing of high-end fashion styles to creating luxurious but savvy and affordable housing, Adriel J. Dandridge is aggressively approaching the housing development market in the Denver area.

Adriel J. Dandridge grew up in California and he saw the housing market rapidly develop due to more people moving to California. The development of new housing yields investor interests. California has experienced a population migration shift over the last 20 years and the state of California was more in demand for affordable housing for California’s residents.

“If investors had the same vision for the housing market as they viewed the stock market, then they would be able to predict trends in the market that they invest in.” – Adriel J. Dandridge.

In the last 5 years the state of Colorado has experienced an increase in population. This rapid population gain has not been able to keep up with the development of affordable housing. This city of Denver and its surrounding counties have attracted the attention of new community developers. These community developers are seeking ambitious real estate developers to build luxurious yet affordable housing properties.

Colorado has been ranking as the second-fastest growing State meaning that affordable housing will be in demand, as the population demographics will be changing. The Denver Post reported that Colorado’s population grew over 400,000 in just 5 years from 2010 to 2015. This number includes a majority of young and optimistic people.

A huge concern with the rapid population increase is that it raises fears about enough housing. The state of Colorado does not want to experience the same housing problem California had.

Adriel’s real estate net assets already include: Single family housing, condominiums, and muti-family land for future townhouse developments. Currently, Adriel is in pre-development of 14 affordable luxury townhomes with rooftop decks in the Denver suburban area. Adriel’s current net assets are valued at nearly $2.5 Million.

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