Impressive Xiu Jade Bronze and Xiuying Jade Jewelry of Xiuying Jade Culture Company

July 03 15:57 2017
China Central Television Report (Journalist Hou Fa) on July 3, 2017:

China is crowned as the “jade country” while Jade culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. Recently, according to the information from Shanghai, the journalist knows that Shanghai International Jewelry & Antique Art Exhibition is held at Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Center from June 30 to July 3. Xiuying Jade Culture Development Co., Ltd. adopts Xiu jade, one of the four famous jades in China, as the material to build a series of products by unique craft, making the high-profile debut, which receives strong attention and high praise from collectors, investors, dealers, antique lovers and attracts successive interviews and reports from the media such as CCTV, STV, Dragon TV and Youku


Xiuying Jade Culture Development Co., Ltd. is established on July 30, 2012, a large jade culture-related company that integrates jade mining, product design, production and processing, chain sales and jade culture display, committed to inheriting and promoting the Chinese jade culture. The company owns two high-end brands, Xiu Jade Bronze and Xiuying Jade Jewelry, brings together the techniques of jade carvers in North and South China, realizes one product with one code and one certificate, and carves the jade by exquisite traditional skills and highlights the profound foundation of Chinese jade culture. Xiu Jade Bronze is presented in the form of archaistic bronze, and Xiuying Jade Jewelry is positioned as high-end jewelry. Xiuying Jade Culture attaches great importance to the perfect combination of natural material and technique, and strives to make every product flawless. Its concept of “each piece is not expected to be valuable but at least worthy of collection” is combined with five thousand year-traditional culture of Chinese nation, so that everyone will be impressed by its noble temperament, unique charm, elegant art, superb craft.

Nowadays, bronze culture with four thousand years, jade carving inheritance with five thousand years and Xiu jade history with six thousand years accomplish the perfect fusion. Xiu Jade Bronze combines the Chinese jade culture and bronze culture in an innovative way, creating a brand-new culture about archaistic bronze and a fresh category in jade product, serving as a pioneer and leader for the exquisite archaistic bronze in China. Its products are made of raw materials which are full of unique mineral substance in the Xiu jade, and then manually carved by the master, which have the preciousness of jade and majesty of bronze, integrate the elements of jade culture and bronze culture, enjoy the attention from the domestic and foreign collectors, being the popular collection for the collectors. After launched, the products become the focal point for the concern and reports of many media at home and abroad. The collectors in this industry give the prediction that Xiu Jade Bronze perhaps will play the role of spokesperson for the Chinese archaistic bronze, which especially provides high-class jade raw material for the production of Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty-style bronzes, and it is a treasure worthy of collection.


Xiu Jade Bronze has the preciousness of Xiu jade and the texture of bronze. It is alike in spirit with the bronze, different from the jade collections of same kind in the market which imitate the shape of bronze. Each piece of work is authenticated by the Gem Appraisal Center of Peking University, with a unique appraisal code and certificate. As a new type of jade carving of archaistic bronze, the products possess strong historical value, artistic value, scientific and technological value and collection value. And the archaistic bronzes made of Xiu jade become the rare art collections.


Xiuying Jade Jewelry is a high-end jewelry brand owned by Xiuying Jade Culture, the largest suppliers of Xiu jade in China, one of the four famous jade. Its industrial chain gathers the processing, design, high-end customization and factory production together. Its products are made of high-quality Xiu jade, with pure, dense jade texture, give mild hand feeling, and well reflect the value of jade. Xiuying Jade Jewelry has two major product lines, Hetian jade and Xiu jade, devoted to the inheritance and promotion of Hetian jade culture and Xiu jade culture. The series of Xiu jade selects the most upscale Xiu jade, Xiuying blue jade. With the unique design and superb production, tradition and fashion are properly combined, vividly presenting the ingenuity of craftsmen. It becomes the treasure that will be handed on from age to age.

Xiuying Jade Jewelry upholds the cultural heritage and tries to turn each piece of jade into a masterpiece. The products are manually craved by the domestic craftsmen. The carving technique is subtle and inventive, consummate and dedicated, with the pursuit to create art by technology. The series of products include White Jade Lotus, Gold-Inlaid Safeness Lock, Lotus Wishful Lock, Benevolence, necklace, ring, earring and bracelet. Each product contains a good meaning, with highly-personalized features. A new realm for the design and production of Chinese jewelry and jade comes into being.

Xiuying Jade Culture Development Co., Ltd. has become the sole jade carving enterprise in China that steps into the international market with profession, brand and scale. 

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