Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D., Advances Understanding of the Human Genome, Bringing His Knowledge From the Laboratory to Your Home

July 03 20:26 2017

Alexei Fedoro, Ph.D.
The Genetics Division of Cellular Research Institute (CRI Genetics), led by Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D, continues to remain on the cutting-edge of genetic advancement. His work towards implementing a new technique to improve ancestral understanding only adds emphasis to the lifelong goal he made 35 years ago — to progress mankind’s understanding of the human genome by traversing uncharted genetic territory.

3 Jul, 2017 – Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D, the head of the Genetics Division at The Cellular Research Institute, began his work in the field of genetics 35 years ago. He is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Bioinformatics Lab at the University of Toledo. He has designed, completed, and led several scientific research studies including 18 different bioinformatic projects and papers that have been cited in scholarly articles and collaborative research. While Fedorov continues to prove himself a worthy pioneer in the field, it was his lifelong goal and early collaborative career with some of the best minds in genetic analysis that led to his work with CRI Genetics (

“When I started out 35 years ago, I made a goal for myself: I wanted to advance mankind’s understanding of the human genome. What is the point of studying genetics, of analyzing one’s DNA, if not to venture into the unknown and use that knowledge to continue forward progress?”

Fedorov began his early career at Harvard University, learning, an working along side some of the top scientists and geneticists of our time, specifically Walter Gilbert; the American biochemist, physicist, and molecular biologist known for achieving a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. To say that Fedorov was shaped by the knowledge he gained from Gilbert would be true, but also a bit of an understatement as Gilbert himself was mentored by James Watson – one of the discoverers of DNA structure itself, who also won a Noble Prize for his work in genetics. With the knowledge he acquired early on, Fedorov began his work with CRI Genetics in hopes of helping more people understand their genetic ancestry.

CRI Genetics, a company based in the United States, prides itself on utilizing Fedorov’s laboratory analysis and advanced understanding of genetic DNA and making it accessible to people in their homes. Fedorov and his team’s extensive research has led to the development of a new technique. The technique uses 642,824 genetic markers across a person’s genome and compares them to samples around the world to determine a person’s unique anthropological and genetic ancestry. CRI Genetics currently offers a Autosomal DNA test as part of their BioGeographical Ancestry Report which provides a detailed breakdown of one’s Biogeographical ancestry. CRI Genetics looks forward to offering more insight to customers by providing other genetic analysis in the future.

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