Box Clever Games Announces A New Card Game: Body Builder

July 03 21:08 2017
The word bodybuilder brings up thoughts of bulging muscles, heavy weights, intensive training, and more. Box Clever Games is proud to say that their latest game titled Body Builder is free from all of that. Rather than building muscle, Body Builder is all about building mass.

In the modern world, there is a heavy focus on nutritional foods, proper exercise, and healthy lifestyles. As a result, people around the world spend hours each day working out, preparing healthy meals, and other socially acceptable actions. All of these aspects allow people to enjoy life to the fullest and stay healthy as they age, doubtlessly providing massive benefits to the general public. However, the team at Box Clever Games has made an astute realization: there is no reason for these health kicks to bleed into the time that has been set aside to relax, socialize, or play games with friends. In this spirit, Box Clever Games has just announced their latest card game titled Body Builder.

In the game itself, the heroic good foods like the 300 Frietans and Jon Icecream battle against evil bad foods like the Voodocumbers and the Carrot Swarm. With the help of the good foods, players race to gain the most mass possible. To add a bit of competition to the game, players can slow down their opponents by forcing them to consume the evil bad foods. At the beginning of the game, each player starts with five cards from the main deck. The main deck contains good food cards, bad food cards, ability cards, and super ability cards. Good food cards can be consumed the following turn, bad food cards can be given to other players to slow their progress, and the ability cards each have special actions that can turn the tide of the game.


At the end of each turn, the points listed on the good food cards are added together by each player and the points on that player’s bad food cards are deducted from this sum. The resulting number is the number of body cards that each player draws from the second deck. Body cards come in several types like Top, Mid, and Arm. The first player to collect body cards of four different types is declared the winner and is granted massive bragging rights. To kick off the release of this game, the Box Clever Games team has begun accepting pre-orders through a Kickstarter campaign. Both the ninety-eight-card game and the sixty-card expansion pack are available now with each card displaying the game’s unique, cartoon-like art style.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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