Shanghai Metal Corporation Introduces Stainless Steel Welded Tube for High Temperature Resistant Transmission of Fluids

July 03 21:22 2017
For the transmission of high temperature resistant fluids in the petroleum, chemical, boiler, heat exchanger, power stations and other sectors, the stainless steel welded tubes and pipes have their significant application.

Shanghai Metal Corporation supplies high quality stainless steel welded tubes and pipes that are used for the fluid transportation in different industries. The steel welded pipes and tubes are available in different grades that meet ASTM A554 / DIN 17455 standards. According to the company spokesperson, the tubes and pipes are available in different diameter and thickness range and they can supply products in custom lengths.

The spokesperson reveals that different industries require stainless steel welded tubes in various dimensions and this is the reason why they dedicate their efforts to supply the stainless steel welded tube to their industrial clients. The tubes can have different types of surface finishes, such as annealing, manual polish, mechanical polish, mirror polish etc. A smooth surface finish contributes to the efficient transmission of fluids in the industries. The spokesperson reveals that the tubes are manufactured using hot rolled, cold drawn process that ensures the product quality and durability.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Introduces Stainless Steel Welded Tube for High Temperature Resistant Transmission of Fluids

The company manufactures each steel welded pipe with quality materials, and maintains a large stock of pipes to be supplied at any time to the global clients. They use high quality alloys for manufacturing these pipes that industries can keep using over a long period of time. Industries can choose pipes with a variety of finishes according to their fluid transportation needs. The spokesperson reveals that they can cut the pipes into any size as per the customer demand and can supply them for their immediate use.

Shanghai Metal Corporation specializes in manufacturing the stainless steel round tube that fully meets the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard. Using premium quality stainless steel strips, the welded mother tubes are formed using the latest TIG multi-electrode welding technology. With the 100% fusion technique, a superior weld quality is achieved without using any filler metal. According to the spokesperson, they produce each tube and pipe with the latest techniques.

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