Grauer Orthodontics in Santa Monica are Proud to be Founding Members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club

July 05 17:50 2017

Santa Monica, CA – Everyone wants to have a beautiful, straight smile and pearly white teeth, which is why a visit to the orthodontist is one essential step you can do right now. Technological advancements have been unfolding in recent years, particularly in the field of lingual orthodontics, but not all orthodontists are well-versed in using them. To meet the needs in specific areas of lingual orthodontics, Grauer Orthodontists has just announced the founding of the Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club (ELOS) which will provide discrete lingual braces services at the hands of expert lingual orthodontists.

Made up of a group of orthodontists specializing in lingual braces, The Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club guarantees a beautiful smile using invisible solutions, regardless of how complex a patient’s case may be. According to Dr. Dan Grauer, a spokesman for ELOS, “Our orthodontists have been through a rigorous selection process of presenting complex orthodontic cases they have treated with lingual braces and have achieved very high standards in the finished cases.” The proud member of ELOS adds, “most of these orthodontists are well-known speakers and trainers in lingual orthodontics across the US and Canada.”  With these doctors, patients are guaranteed a perfectly discreet and high-quality cosmetic treatment that will result in a magnificent smile.

Lingual braces are attached behind the teeth making them invisible.  These braces are digitally designed and customized to fit only the patient’s teeth and when smiling, no metal shows.  ELOS orthodontists offer various comparable brands such as Harmony braces, Suresmile, Incognito and WIN lingual braces.  Dr. Dan Grauer’s practice in Santa Monica is part of a group of orthodontists located across the country who are also members of the Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club.

As a leading Orthodontist in Santa Monica, Dr. Grauer has been instrumental in revolutionizing the industry by helping to introduce this elite group of orthodontists and their unique expertise. Together with his esteemed colleagues, they have perfected the art of lingual orthodontics, making it available to everyone, not only celebrities and CEO’s.

Call Grauer Orthodontics today at 310- 401-2929 to book a consultation, or send an inquiry via email at Their office is located at 1418 Seventh St. Suite 102 Santa Monica, CA 90401. For more information on Grauer Orthodontics and the Elite Lingual Orthodontic Study Club team of experts, visit their websites at The ELOS website can be found at

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