EZLadder Guardian® – A New Safety Solution for Construction

July 06 15:01 2017
Colorado Invention created to improve ladder safety, and save lives.

DENVER, CO – 6 Jul, 2017 – Don Graham has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. But in 1986, Don was seriously hurt in a construction accident. He was told that he might never regain the use of his arms and that he faced the possibility of amputation. With the help of medical professionals and a lot of hard work, Don recovered, but that experience drove him to invent the EZLadder Guardian®.

Don’s company, SafePro Guard, is dedicated to produce products designed to reduce the risk to construction industry professionals and homeowners who are working on rooftops. The EZLadder Guardian® is the first of these products, a new ladder safety device designed to reduce the risk of using conventional ladders on a sloped surface, such as an upper-level roof, known in the industry as a “double-pull.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 75 to 100 roofers lose their lives each year because of an accident on the roof. Three-quarters of these are fall-related, including falls from ladders. 80 percent of fatal injuries in falls from ladders occur from falling from a distance of as little as 4 feet. That’s about the distance between the first and second levels of most houses and commercial buildings.

EZLadder Guardian® is the first unmanned ladder assist product in industry – and the workers in this industry need a safer way to get the job done, without putting their lives at risk.” stated SafePro Guard CEO, Don Graham. “I have experienced firsthand the danger of working on a rooftop without such a device – never again.”

The safety of construction workers is starting to become paramount in Colorado, and there is a push to mandate better safety policies using EZLadder Guardian®. In Douglas County, the County Building Department Inspectors recently began to require the use of EZLadder Guardian® – anchoring the second ladder, when there is no other person to anchor the ladder on a job site – otherwise, the county building inspector will not inspect the roof, and not close the building permit. As more counties follow this example, Don’s mission to reduce the number of accidents working on rooftops will come true.

About EZLadder Guardian® and Don Graham

EZLadder Guardian® is a new ladder safety device for contractors and homeowners to use while working on rooftops. This product makes it easy to climb multi-story roofs more safely and securely. Over 80% of construction accidents are ladder related, and this tool has been designed to help prevent injuries and save lives.

SafePro Guard CEO Don Graham, inventor of the EZLadder Guardian®, has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. Don has served as a roofing company representative, a building inspector, and an insurance adjuster. A Colorado Native, Don is passionate about ladder safety, because he has experienced firsthand the dangers of working on rooftops. He has become one of the industry’s strongest advocates for ladder safety, and continues to design new solutions to make it safer for the construction industry.

To learn more about EZ Ladder Guardian®, and the SafePro Guard products, you can visit the company website at www.safeproguard.com. Or you can contact Don Graham at 303-523-6571, or by email at info@safeproguard.com.

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