Get the Most Trusted Electrician in Mckinney TX with ABR Electric

July 06 21:01 2017

Mckinney, TX – Some jobs are just left to be done by those with specializations. However, even when knowing the fact that they are indeed specialized, some people may not be as satisfied with their services. This may be true for people who need electricians to do tasks for them at home, especially on electrical troubleshooting. On some occasions, although they may be able to get the job done, people may not be pleased with the unfriendly service. However, ABR Electric is known to give a wholesome service to its clients and is now proudly serving the people of Mckinney.

“Our primary business is people with a side job of full time electrical. We do residential electrical troubleshooting, installation, and that includes things like lightning, panel changes, surge protectors and troubleshooting,” says James Adams, the owner of ABR Electric. “What makes us different and gives us the edge on our market is that we connect with people. We love our clients and we love receiving reviews. It’s the best part of affirmation I can get. It’s a wonderful reward of a job well done, boosting morale and encouraging all.”

ABR Electric’s website features reviews from their customers and almost every client has had a wonderful experience with the company’s electricians. These local licensed electricians reply quickly to their potential clients in a matter of minutes even on weekends when they are closed. Even when comparing ABR Electric’s price to other companies, customers will realize that the company offers the lowest price. Their local electricians will willingly inform the client of their arrival and will even let them know what exactly they will be doing on their assigned tasks.  

This Residential Electrician in Mckinney TX offers a wide range of services with their best being electrical panel changes, recessed/can lighting, electrical troubleshooting, electric vehicle charging receptacle, whole house surge protection, and CSST gas-line bonding. They can also handle seemingly simple tasks such as outlet and USB wiring, and lighting installations. Their website also includes information on electrical appliances and possible services for such, as well as a complete list of their services.

To see this complete list and for more information on ABR Electric, potential clients may visit their website at One may also send an email to or give them a call for a free estimate at 214-690-1941. The company is located at 1912 University Business Drive, Mckinney, Texas.

Media Contact
Company Name: ABR Electric
Contact Person: James Adams
Phone: 214-690-1941
Address:1912 University Business Drive
City: Mckinney
State: Texas
Country: United States