Cutting Edge Power Launches A New Wind Turbine Design That Saves Money

July 07 00:22 2017
The new design aims to protect the turbine from strong seasonal weather that other turbines suffer from, and allows the turbine to operate more efficiently and increases its longevity

Cutting Edge Power, a forward-thinking wind turbine company is pleased to announce they have introduced a new wind turbine design that brings turbines into the modern world. The new design was put together after the company looked at how current Wind Turbines are operating in today’s world.


The new Cutting Edge Power design extends the life of the wind turbine which can save the customer a great deal of money in the long run. Through the design and the materials used it can help protect the turbine from heavy weather such as rain, winds, snow, and can even protect against sun.

The all-American design which is manufactured with 99% of American parts has been described as one of the most exciting and efficient wind turbines on the market.


Feature: Composite cover to protect your PMA from rain, snow, the sun and other damaging weather elements.

Benefit: The cover extends the life of your turbine and PMA, ultimately increasing your net dollar savings over time.

Feature: Heavy duty aluminum bearing housing with steel ball bearings.

Benefit: Also, a universal part, this wind turbine bearing is designed for high loading and fatigue cycles. The bearing is completely protected from the elements by our housing cover.

Feature: All-Steel chassis welded and finished with black oxide and a clear enamel coating.

Benefit: Having a steel chassis ensures long life for your wind turbine, maximizing your investment.

Feature: All-American design and manufacturing with 99% American parts.

Benefit: You can rest assured that no corners were cut in our design and manufacturing and we’re proud to be an all-American company with our headquarters based in Dallas, Texas.

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Cutting Edge Power is dedicated to providing the highest quality solar energy and wind turbine products. Headquartered in Dallas TX, a 12.5-acre research facility in Honey Grove TX is used to evaluate various types wind.

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