Loud Reality Records Announces Their Latest Release “Lost Waves”

July 07 14:43 2017
Detroit hip-hop recording label Loud Reality Records release their latest offering “Lost Waves” and reveal the process behind their recording. Producer Keyloh and Songwriter/Artist I.D. have already recorded their EP “Poetic Thought” as well as several singles including “Drowning”, “Shake” and “CLB”, among countless others. “Lost Waves” is set to release on Friday July 7th, where it will be available for ordering.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – 7 Jul, 2017 – Loud Reality Records has been working tirelessly in preparation for the release of their latest EP “Lost Waves”. Producer Keyloh and Songwriter/Artist I.D. have immersed themselves in the Detroit hip-hop scene, striving to make a name for themselves. They hope to accomplish this through the release of their EP and multiple singles. Keyloh and I.D. have been inspired by hip-hop music since their teenage years in Detroit, listening to the likes of Eminem, Big L, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne. Seeking to follow in the footsteps of their influencers, they created their own independent music record label Loud Reality Records, in Metro Detroit.

“Lost Waves” by Loud Reality Records is a six track album featuring the tracks “Lullaby”, “One Night”, “No Time For Love”, “Insane Asylum Pt. 1”, “Insane Asylum Pt. 2”, and “Wild at Night”. Keyloh and I.D.  were proud to record “Lost Waves”’ within their label’s own personal recording studio. The latest EP is set to release on Friday July 7th.

As a teenager, Goran Dimic, also known as I.D., used music as an escape. An escape into creating a more vibrant reality, where his sole focus was on manipulating sounds and words, and further enhancing his knowledge of music. Growing up in a music saturated household, this element only fueled his musical explorations. Mastering instruments such as the guitar and trombone, a few of Goran’s favorites, were the first serious steps he took that ultimately catapulted him into the music industry. Goran is infamous for incorporating personal experiences in his writings, stating that his music lyrically embodies “my identity”. Goran liberally shares his creative stories through rap and hip-hop, in hopes to inspire those who listen to his music, while attempting to rejuvenate hip-hop music with genuine content.

Brandon Gorgies, also known as Keyloh, is a music producer based out of Metro Detroit, Michigan. Producing for Brandon began upon being inspired to take up a young adult hobby, and it quickly became a fixed part of his lifestyle. For this go-getter, turning it into a business was what it was all about. Although an appreciator of all types of music, Brandon focuses the majority of his music production projects on the Rap/Hip-Hop scene. In terms of his type of projects, he recognizes that his tastes vary with the seasons, favoring more hardcore tunes for the Wintertime, and upbeat songs for Summertime. It is by exploring and channeling these seasonal tastes that Brandon crafts his music from within. Brandon has exclaimed a definite interest in delving into working with other artists from varying genres as well, stating he is always “up for the challenge”.

“Lost Waves” will be available for ordering on 7/7/17. You can hear a sample at www.LoudReality.com

About Loud Reality:

Loud Reality Records is an independent record label based out of Detroit, MI. It was established in the Metro Detroit area after longtime friends, Brandon “Keyloh” Gorgies and Goran “I.D.” Dimic, decided to turn their music dreams into their own LOUD REALITY. The label was founded by Keyloh early on in the millennium, with I.D. coming onboard shortly thereafter, initiating the business partnership. Together they discovered that they complemented each other well, solidifying the power team’s foundation of expertise, equipped with skills set to include not only music production, but songwriting and performance as well. Loud Reality Records offers a diverse selection of services for music production needs. Some of the services offered, include but are not limited to: Signing and Representing Artists, Studio Time, Music Mixing, Song Writing, Music Production and potential Collaboration Work with already-signed artists.

The Detroit-based independent record label has already signed numerous new artists, and plan to continue their artist expansion as the years continue to unravel more and more creative projects. With so many fresh artists adding to the list of Loud Reality’s talents, be sure to keep a look out for new releases and tour dates coming out, so you don’t miss your chance on experiencing music, the LOUD REALITY way.

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