Fundraising Campaign Goes For Bellasia Fairy Tale Book Project Goes Live On Kickstarter

July 07 23:16 2017
Mercedes Wadkins and Sara Coats start fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for their Bellasia book project.

Mercedes Wadkins and Sara Coats, proud parents of an adopted baby, have announced that their funding campaign is now live on Kickstarter for their Bellasia project. Bellasia is a beautifully designed book that tells the story about a magical princess that creates a special tea for all children’s tea parties.

“We are committed to ensuring that our story about the magical princess reaches a wider audience,” says Sara Coats while explaining the reason for taking the crowdfunding route for Bellasia. “This book is close to our hearts as it is reflects a major part of our real life too. We have planned road trips to tea places and children stores to promote the book and there will be other activities also such as blogging also.”

Bellasia is a book in which a fairy tale about an adopted princess unfolds in a =n interesting and spellbinding manner. The parents of Mercedes Wadkins and Sara Coats are writing the book for their beautiful daughter Isabelle Grace Wadkins who was adopted when they could not have a child of their own. Sara was obsessed with fairy tales and happily ever after kind of stories and wants her daughter to share the same enthusiasm for beautiful stories.

When Isabelle grew up and discovered that there we no adopted princesses, her parents decided to create one in a fairy tale and share it with the world. That’s how the idea of Bellasia took shape.

According to Sara Coats, Bellasia is a fantasy story about a lovely girl found in a mystical garden made with portions of love and magic. The fairy tale is set in a land of magic and fascination and has many fairies, wizards and dragons. The lonely girl becomes a princess and a loving daughter to a King and Queen who feel very lonesome and lost.

The book Bellasia focuses on the character of the beautiful and intelligent princess who is also very kind-hearted. She makes use of her inherent creativity and courage to heal dragons. She also knows how to make a magical tea portion that has the power and the ability to change and heal the people of Bellasia.

Mercedes Wadkins and Sara Coats say they want to invite their readers and their little princesses to have a tea party and read their book to understand the character of the princess better. They can learn more about Isabella and follow the young princess in her journey of discovery, family, love, and hope.

Bellasia project aims to raise $6000 on Kickstarter through the funding campaign. They are hopeful of achieving their goal by the project deadline of July 27, 2017.

About Bellasia:

Bellasia is a beautifully designed book about an adopted magical princess who has the ability to create magic tea at children’s parties. The project has been floated by Mercedes Wadkins and Sara Coats for their adopted daughter Isabelle. Part of the fund raised will be used for advertising in Tea Time and for promotion of the book on Social Media.

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