Emotional Intelligence Expert, Carolyn Stern, Launches New Website

July 10 20:29 2017

Vancouver, BC – Carolyn Stern has recently launched her new website that focuses on pushing individuals and professionals to get unstuck, maximize their potential and achieve more. Carolyn is passionate about integrating emotional intelligence into the workplace, where technical skills are only one half of the equation required for effective leaders and organizations. As a successful entrepreneur and emotional intelligence expert, Carolyn offers keynotes, online training programs, EQ assessments and coaching sessions for individuals and organizations.

Carolyn Stern is an excellent choice for your next event or conference. As a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, the National Speakers Association, and the Global Speakers Federation, Carolyn offers inspirational keynotes on a wide range of “Business-Boosting” and “Personal Development” topics. Leadership is about awareness, connection, and influence, and leaders must always be pushing their teams forward to achieve more. Defying a one-size-fits all approach, each keynote will motivate, inspire and ignite passion from all attendees. Learn about Carolyn’s popular keynotes at her website: https://www.carolynstern.com/

As individuals advance through their career, they grow further away from their traditional education. To stay sharp, progressive and innovative in today’s corporate world it is necessary for individuals to invest into professional development. Carolyn’s has recently launched her online training programs in emotional intelligence that are easily accessible and manageable for busy individuals looking to increase their leadership effectiveness.  These Leading with Emotional Intelligence online training courses cover all 15 emotional intelligence competencies through a variety of programs – a condensed mini class (one day), 6 different minor programs (one week each), or the full mastery program (6 week program). Jump right in with the comprehensive mastery program, or start off learning in bite-sized chunks about key areas of emotional intelligence: Self Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management.

Along with inspirational keynotes, Carolyn’s new website offers access for individuals and professionals looking for emotional intelligence assessment and coaching.  Assessment is necessary to accurately understand your leadership strengths and development needs. Carolyn offers a variety of EQ reports from the EQ-i 2.0® (self-rater assessment tool) or the EQ-360® (multi-rater assessment tool) developed by Multi Health Systems (MHS).  Each report scores the rater’s total EQ, but it also scores them on each of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies from the Emotional Quotient Inventory, highlighting their strengths and potential areas for improvement. All assessments come with a debrief from Carolyn, and can be bundled with follow-up coaching sessions. Coaching allows for an opportunity to dive deeper into the rater’s EQ assessment results and focuses on developing clear and realistic action plans.  Visit Carolyn’s website to review the variety of EQ assessments and coaching packages available that are designed to help individuals and professionals learn more, be better and take action.

Carolyn creates a safe environment where people are able to get out of their comfort zones, awake the talent within themselves and reach their full potential. Carolyn helps professionals jumpstart their careers, make better decisions, increase self-confidence, communicate more effectively and achieve more.

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