Hong Kong tech startup Coocepts introduces world’s first levitating moon light

July 10 23:36 2017
Hong Kong tech startup Coocepts has come up with world’s first Wireless Charging Levitating Moon Light which will float on table just as moon floats in the middle of the sky.

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, July 10, 2017: Nothing is more soothing and more romantic than the silvery glow of moonlight. How about having the full moon right on your table or bed? Sounds utopian, right? Well, a supercool Hong Kong tech startup Coocepts seems to have made the impossible possible. The company is all set to redefine home lighting with its quixotic levitating moon light that will float on your table just like the way the moon floats in the sky.

The Coocepts Wireless Charging Levitating Moon Light is the first of its kind in the whole world. 



So, what’s the secret behind the “levitating” moon? In the words of Coocepts spokesperson-

“Our moon light comes with a docking system which is powered by robust Neodymium magnets. It’s these magnets that assure a stable ‘floating’ aura to the moon ball. The levitating docking is introduced to make the levitation easier and it also helps with wireless charging for the light.”

Coocepts had initially launched this state of the art product at Kickstarter amidst huge response from the backers. It came out to be a highly successful crowdfunding campaign and now the company has officially released the world’s first Wireless Charging Levitating Moon Light in the international market.


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/9FbyfTxYn4U


“Our new Wireless Charging Levitating Moon Light is for all those who have always wanted to bring the lunar magic to home. It’s one of the most beautiful home décor you will ever find today and this mystique moon glow will render a new edge to your whole room. We are lovers of moon like you and it’s our great adoration for that silvery charm that inspired us to create the light. It’s certainly going to be an out-of-the-world experience”, smiled the spokesperson.

The entire Coocepts Levitating Moon Light system comes with one touchable button at the bottom of the light and there is another switch on docking. There are 3 main modes to choose from based on your specific needs – Levitating Mode, Portable Mode and Charging Mode. Users can move between the modes through the help of the touch button and the docking switch.

“The levitating mode comes with 3 options. One is Night Light Mode where the brightness of the moon would be at 0.1 w for a relaxing night light effect. If you want more brightness, you can go for cold white light or a warm yellow glow. It’s the same with the portable. Yes, our light is completely portable and you can always carry it wherever you want in the room. The best part, you can always cuddle up with it on your bed at night.”

The docking switch will help to charge the light. It will take around 2 hours for a full charge. 

To know more about world’s first Wireless Charging Levitating Moon Light, visit http://www.coocepts.com/levitating_moonlight.

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