Dr. Thomas A. Viviano Champions Educational Success over Poverty

July 21 22:08 2017

Dr. Thomas A. Viviano shares his life in the book, Fortuitous Misfortunes, published by Balboa Press and marketed by Toplink. Dr. Viviano chronicles his childhood life when he was deprived with life’s luxuries that many people are enjoying today.

His educational disadvantages and war-torn existence attempted to deter him from making his own destiny. Like an educational rags-to-riches story, Dr. Viviano persevered to maximize the opportunities and transformed the misfortunes through his focus on education. Inspired by life coaches (Michael Singer, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and more), Dr. Viviano buckled up and braced his experiences as his role teachers.

With an average rating of 4.9/5 out of 18 reviewers on Amazon, Lisa Root comments, “This could easily be a story of despair and system failures but for the role of some very positive educators that helped provide some very critical support at critical times. It makes one proud to be an educator and to it is awesome that Dr. Viviano is now also an educator who has shared his experiences openly so that we can see that there is hope in even the darkest corners.” Robert Lees states, “Fortuitous Misfortunes is engaging, heart wrenching, disturbing and insightful. The story centers on one man’s struggle to overcome a childhood of loss and insecurity and the impact that education, self- discipline and self-reflection played in his journey.“

When asked about his message to the readers, Dr. Viviano says, “Practice Vulnerability.” He explains that readers need to be open to danger or risks, “You don’t get the courage until you passed through it.”This book offer solutions and advice on the shoulders of great modern-day philosophers and helps the readers learn from the steps he has taken.  

His new book, Achieving Equanimity: My Paths to Balance and Serenity, is coming out soon.

Dr. Thomas A. Viviano

Fortuitous Misfortunes

Book available on Balboa Press, Amazon, Booktopia, Google Books, and more resellers worldwide

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About the Author

Dr. Thomas A. Viviano received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Workforce Education, his Master’s from Chestnut Hill College in Applied Educational Technology, and his Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in education. He has authored and co-authored many educational articles on career and technical education and works as an executive director in a career and technical center. Dr. Viviano’s life story exemplifies an educational rags-to-riches story, as he came from a predominantly educationally disadvantaged environment. Dr. Viviano resides in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, and is a father of three wonderful adult children.

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