Generalscan Provides Barcode Automatic Identification System To Add Value To Sales Services

August 17 13:27 2017
Generalscan Electronics Co., Limited is a company that is a provider of important supply chain management solution and equipment and comprehensive value added sales services in the field of automatic recognition and data acquisition.

Technological advances have led to an increase in the use of a variety of devices which need special equipments. In order for the devices to function to their maximum capacity equipments such as armband scanners and barcode sleds. These devices are used in order to increase the efficiency and accuracy with which the devices perform.

Generalscan Electronics Co., Limited is a company that provides services such as technical support, system integration, software development and sales of hardware and software. It also offers solutions for mobile computing, machine vision, wireless network system and enterprise management system. It is of customers include well known companies like Suzhou Samsung, Hangzhou Motorola, Suzhou apple computer, Zhejiang Silver wheel machinery, etc.

The company produces barcode sled. It is has an embedded smartphone design with accurate capability to decode due to its high quality engine. It can be used as a data collection terminal. The device can work under difficult working conditions as it is both reliable as well as durable. It has a high capacity battery and it is waterproof. It is made of silicon which is designed in a way that can protect it even in case of a drop from a 1.8m height. It allows a 4.5” main display and operates under Android 5.1 operating system and quad core CPU.

Generalscan Provides Barcode Automatic Identification System To Add Value To Sales Services

Generalscan Electronics Co., Limited is also a manufacturer of moto z barcode. This product has been designed as will be launched by the company shortly. The company invests a substantial amount in the research and development sector. This is done so that the company can provide its customers with the latest technology. The team for research and development consist of professionals who have many years of experience in their respective fields.

The company is also involved in the production of armband scanner. It has an open platform, high volume battery, 360 degree rotation, ergonomic hand free design for picking and sorting application. It is portable and can be worn while it is being used making it convenient for the user. It includes an integrated armband, smart phone charger, ring barcode scanner, etc. It allows the user to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and gives accurate results.

The details and descriptions of all the products and services provided by the company are available on the company’s website. Customers can also contact the company’s representatives in case of any doubts regarding the products and services offered by the company.

About Generalscan Electronics Co., Limited

Generalscan Electronics Co., Limited is a company that is involved in the manufacture of various devices such as barcode sleds and scanners. It is based in China. To know more about the company and its products, please visit their official website.

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