December 11 21:45 2017

Fenbushi Capital 是区块链行业内国际领先的投资管理机构, 由金融界和区块链行 业内的资深领军人物组建,旗下管理有数个区块链行业的股权投资基金。

Established by seasoned pioneers from the financial sector and blockchain industry, Fenbushi Capital is an internationally renowned blockchain‐focused investment manager, managing a number of equity investment funds dedicated to investing in the blockchain industry.

近期,我们发现国内外有若干数字货币或代币的发行项目不实地宣称获得了 Fenbushi Capital 或其旗下基金的投资,或由 Fenbushi Capital 为这些项目背书。在此我们郑重声明如下,以正视听:

It has come to our attention recently that a number of crypto‐currency / token sales claim to have been invested or endorsed by Fenbushi Capital or its managed funds. To clarify, we hereby state as follows:

1Fenbushi Capital 是一家股权投资管理机构, 其和旗下基金的业务主要专注 于从事区块链相关的企业股权投资;

Fenbushi Capital is an equity investment manager primarily focused on making equity investments in blockchain‐related start‐ups through itself and its managed funds;

2Fenbushi Capital 所作出各项投资之前,均依照审慎和合法流程进行决策, 并不从事超越自身核心业务范围之外的投资行为或为无关项目作背书; 且


Fenbushi Capital makes its investments through a prudent and lawful decision process, and refrains from investing beyond its core business focus or endorsing any unrelated projects; and

3Fenbushi Capital 团队中任何个人成员以其个人身份作出的顾问身份、 背书 或声明,仅代表其个人观点,而并不反映 Fenbushi Capital 及其他合伙人 或成员的立场或支持。

Any advisory positions, endorsements, or statements made by any individual member of the Fenbushi Capital team in their personal capacity represent their own views, and does not reflect the position or endorsement of Fenbushi Capital or any of its other partners or team members.

对于内容涉及 Fenbushi Capital 的虚假、不当或误导性宣传行为,我们保留对相 关责任人采取法律行动的一切权利。我们也就此诚意提醒社会各界人士审慎调查 各种宣传信息,避免受到误导。

We reserve full rights to take legal actions against persons responsible for any false, improper or misleading publicity involving Fenbushi Capital. We sincerely remind everyone to perform their own due diligence into various advertisements and information to avoid being misled.

同时, 我们一如既往地欢迎区块链行业内的各创业企业前来洽谈潜在的股权投资 安排; 并且我们也将继续以完全开放的姿态与区块链生态圈内各界人士共同探讨 并开展合作,致力于为区块链行业的进一步发展作出积极贡献。

In the meantime, all startups in the blockchain industry continue to be welcome to approach us for potential equity investments. We also remain open to exploring and establishing partnerships with various players in the blockchain ecosystem and are committed to contributing to the continued growth of the blockchain industry.


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