Redfords is Reshaping Content Marketing to Offer Scalability to Digital Agencies

January 17 14:53 2018

The content marketing universe continues to expand its frontiers in 2018, reports Redfords, the global provider of engaging content and traffic boosting strategies. Armed with refined digital marketing strategies and a winning partnership of technology and marketing, Redfords supports digital marketing agencies’ revenue growth through white label content creation and scalable content marketing.

The stiff competition for quality content (which translates to eyeballs, going viral and popularity) has finally brought in the big realization: you can’t do it alone. Redfords’ mission is to provide agency owners and resellers a white label service that supports their content marketing requirements. Doing the work alone is no mean feat, and can take away valuable hours without achieving the objectives.

“Effective SEO & Content Marketing requires a whole team of experts. We focus on fulfilling our clients’ content marketing requirements. This frees up their time, so they can focus on attracting more clients and growing their business,” says Victoria Tran of Redfords.

Redfords is a division of Corptek Pty Ltd company, which was founded in 2003 as a provider of IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The company has expanded their services to content marketing and content creation, and moved from servicing retail clients to focusing on digital marketing agencies and resellers. The firm helps agencies scale their business by becoming an extension of their existing team and providing professional support for their overflow work. Redfords’ user-friendly online platform allows orders to be placed online and the workflow of all orders for their services to be easily managed.

A combination of technology and digital marketing is the big factor that is working in Redfords’ favor. With the expansion of social media technologies and web services, this expertise in automation, IT and marketing gives it a prime position in delivering the greatest value for money.

“We have the skills to advise our clients and understand their needs. We develop strategies that take their business to the next level,” says Victoria.

Greater competition has also brought in the need for understanding the clients’ business environment and unique challenges. Redfords is in a unique position here, as it knows the value of business fundamentals as well as financial figures and return on investment.

All of this takes on importance given the new trends that are emerging in digital marketing in 2018 and beyond. Videos and visual media have shown their power to pull traffic, content marketing strategies are being sketched and documented, and there is a movement towards niche and user generated content.

Redfords has thus aligned its content creation efforts to create blogger outreach, local business citations, press release distribution and infographics placement. The aim is to get high quality placements, achieve mentions on authoritative websites, and promote the brand or service with authentic content on a wide network.

“We focus our efforts on where it counts – customer service, strategy and executing the marketing strategies,” says Victoria.

Link building was once the staple of all search engine efforts, and with the coming of Google updates, has settled down to a focus on reliable and authoritative backlinks from trusted domains. Redfords has already done the heavy work of building this network using a five-point scale for judging trustworthiness. Clients at Redfords immediately benefit from its existing relationships and receive high quality links and trusted avenues for content distribution.

“We are here with only one purpose: to help digital agencies and resellers succeed with cost savings, efficiency, scalability and becoming an extension of their in-house teams,” says Victoria.

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