YouTube’s Voiceover Dynamic Duo Launch Infamous Telemarketer Fun Show, ‘You Called Us!’

January 24 07:13 2018

January 24, 2018 – Telemarketers Beware! There’s a fun, new force in town that you’re gonna love. The Voiceover Dynamic Duo are having the time of their lives answering telemarketer sales calls with creative character voices, and the best news of all, the hilarity is available now for you to hear on their new YouTube show, ‘You Called Us!’.  Grant George and Jessica Gee-George are well-known Voice Over Artists, and their YouTube channel, The Voiceover Dynamic Duo, is SO BAD, it’s GOOD.

Telemarketers from all over the world call with offers. But, rather than being met with a phone slammed down in their ears, they are held captive by characters that weigh on their final nerves.  Be prepared to hear a charming old lady trying to convince the telemarketer that, “Orlando is the place where Atlantis is, right?” Or even worse, “Can I take these weight loss pills during my transition?”, Grant George and Jessica Gee-George are famous animation Voice Actors, and have mastered the art of using their catalog of characters and improv skills to pull a fast one, as they keep telemarketers on the call for as long as possible, until they beg to be “let off the hook”. Their ‘record time’ is 45 whole minutes of abject torture (in good fun), misery and existential crisis for some poor soul left alone in the office after working hours.

Every age group will love ‘You Called Us!’ on YouTube. You’ll hear the whole conversation, from stepping into the studio, to being hung up on by some frustrated guy who was convinced he had sold the mother-load of diet products to an African Queen. Their antics are so raw and funny that once in a while, you hear them trying hard not to laugh at what is transpiring. It’s no wonder Grant and Jessica Gee-George have emerged as America’s Favorite Husband and Wife Voiceover Team.

The Dynamic Duo’s voices can be heard in popular Cartoons, Animated Features, Japanese Anime, Video Games, Interactive Toys, and TV and Radio Commercials. Grant can be heard as Marvel’s Ant-Man in Avengers Assemble & Ultimate Spider-Man, Troyo in Disney’s Elena of Avalor, and Yikes in Netflix’s popular Popples. Jessica has voiced Zhu Rong in the Dynasty Warriors series of games, Netflix’s Sassafras in Zak Storm and Glob in Bottersnikes & Gumbles, and Big G’s Mom in Doraemon on Disney. Both can be heard on the hit Nickelodeon animated series – Miraculous Ladybug. The couple have two young sons with a list of credits that could blow most 10 year olds off their chairs in excitement.

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