April 03 10:06 2015

How To Earn $39,516 Extra Each Year? Without Capital Investments! GeniusCo-op and GeniusCapital Group offers Real Estate Investors with a minimum credit score of 700 or higher a 100% financing program without any upfront fees! Learn how you and your family can benefit from 50% profit share and long term rental income for the next 20 years subject to a credit score of only 700 or higher!
GeniusCapital™ in partnership with GeniusCo-op National Housing Cooperative and Geniusystems International LLC have created for today’s advanced day and age, real estate co-ownership options that are growing in rapid numbers. GeniuSerenity Senior Residences are being linked to 100% Lease To Own programs, especially designed for real estate investor who want to benefit from the more than 75 million “baby boomers”.

3rd April, 2015 — Going global is one of the most affluent invested structured initiative that has set apart the world of class and luxury through its unique and power packed amenities is the GeniuSerenity™ Co-ownership program offered by GeniusCo-op™ National Housing Cooperative in partnership with GeniusCapital Group. This national housing cooperative has redefined the element of luxury and has engulfed the goodness of solar energy in its residential program.

This residential co-ownership program offers a range of residential options which include lease to own, family ownership, condominiums and many more adding to the housing facilities. Today this structure stands tall with pride and aristocracy as it unveils the golden opportunity to co-own its lavishness in the elite places of the USA for the price of ZERO down with a 100% financing program based on a credit score of 700 only.

According to Mr. Craig Atkins, managing partner of GeniusCo-op who is contributively a part of the GeniuSerenity™ ‘Family’, “While traditional stick-built home providers typically only share a fraction of what they do, we share a profound 50% of our profits with all GeniusCo-op™ Members”. This invested structure assures its people with hundred percent safeties, security and protection from external hazards and disturbances as well as self-directed IRA investments, which are accompanied by bonus privileges of zero taxes.

The membership fees for GeniusCo-op National Housing Cooperative are priced at ZERO money down, with in-house financing of 100% over a term of up to 10 years, which is achievable for co-owners as long as they have a credit score of 700. GeniusCo-op™ offer this co-ownership program to real estate investors who could previously not participate due to lack of funds. Every household in this GeniuSerenity Senior Residence Community comes completely furnished and with a ‘ready to move’ ambience. The GeniuSerenity Senior Residences of the GeniusCo-op™ Cooperative Society are located in prime locations.

The main gaining part of the co-owners is that the GeniuSerenity™ Co-ownership program they benefit with a total net profit share of 50% on the annual rental income over 20 years, and a percent amount of 50% profit share acquired from the sales. Such deals are however very challenging to find and that is what makes them worth every single cent. Direct factory prices are the rates labeled behind every pillar of the structure and the overall responsibility of these properties fall under the wings of National Senior housing Management Professionals who have successfully carried out the operations everyday minutely and in perfection.

For those who are interested to be a co-owner of this solar powered GeniuSerenity Senior community being developed by GeniusCo-op™, just visit their website at to learn how you can become a part of this once in a lifetime co-ownership opportunity.

About GeniusCo-op

A National Housing Cooperative, GeniusCo-op specializes in generating real estate co-ownership opportunities through membership programs. These are centered on the GeniusCo-op Senior Residences and Solar Powered Lease to Own Communities. The company focuses on cost-efficiency by pooling the resources of its members, lowering the costs of products and services related to the community managed by experienced real estate professionals. The company is serving the entire nation with pride and success and wants to reach to every home buyer with their GeniusZero™ home loan programs.

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GeniusCapital™ Global Mergers & Acquisition Group provides creative financing solutions to corporate owners, land owners, public traded companies and Governments who wish to either raise seed, expansion or growth capital. The companies unique financing programs include capital raising through Bond Offerings for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and/or to receive 100% community development and infrastructure financing for your real estate developoment projects.

Its sister company Geniusystems International LLC offers sustainable concrete construction technologies to build communties with a 30 year structural warranty. GeniusCo-op National Housing Cooperative offers 100% Lease To Own Financing for home buyers regardless of the credit score or credit history.

The Genius Group has secured a global financing partner with a successful history of more than $3 Billion financed, who now commits to finance real estate development and infrastructure projects for qualified Companies and Governments across the world via our proprietary Investment Grade Finance Authority (IGFA). 

These GeniusCapital™ solutions are offered via strategic joint venture agreements and/or private-public partnership agreements.  

The first step to becoming a qualified Company and/or Government entity is your specific geographic bondable finance rating. For larger transactions above $5,000,000 nothing below an investment grade rating of “BBB” or higher according to S&P is currently capable of being placed due to pure cost. This is applicable for private corporations and/or Municipalities/Countries.

For smaller transactions, below $5,000,000 your company must have strong financials or free and clear land assets, which would enable us to joint venture with you to finance your next community development project through the companies Bond Offering Program. Second is simply a commitment as a corporate and/or municipal GUARANTOR. This level of surety allows cost effective advantage for our successful pricing to insulate multiple years of sustainable construction.

This model allows for a transparent PRIVATE – PUBLIC platform exercising efficiency at every step of the development. Whereby creating another sustainable asset for growing qualified development partners.


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