Great Powerbanks and Car Chargers for 25% Off During EasyAcc’s Easter Celebration

April 03 17:08 2015

Easter is coming up, and EasyAcc is running a 25% sale from April 1 to April 13 in order to celebrate it. Charging devices feature prominently in this sale, which can be found at, and here is a quick look at some of them.

2nd Generation Powerbank PB6400CS

The CS here stands for classic, and this powerbank is an upgrade of EasyAcc’s classic 6,400 mAh one. This second generation powerbank features a sleeker design without skimping out on any of the great features of the previous version and offers a number of advantages over its competitors.

One of these advantages is its 2.1A input, which is faster than that of any other powerbank in this capacity range. That means that PB6400CS can be fully charged in just four hours when a 2A adapter is used, offering a charging time that is twice as fast as those of other 6,400 mAh powerbanks.

PB6400CS also features a 2A output, meaning that it can charge just about any device with 5V input at full speed, even devices with high power requirements such as tablets. And although it can’t quite offer a full charge to any tablet larger than the iPad mini, it can provide smartphones with more than one full charge, making PB6400CS a good choice when one has to get through a long day.

PB6400CS’s candy bar size and shape makes it a practical choice for on-the-go use, too, and the built-in LED flashlight only makes it even more so. With PB6400CS, you won’t just have a powerbank at your hands—you’ll also have a way of getting through the dark.

Powerbank PB6400MT

PB6400CS isn’t the only 6,400 mAh powerbank on sale this April. PB64000MT is as well, and in some ways, it’s even better. For one, PB6400MT comes in three colors: black, blue, and silver. While not all colors will be available for all markets, that’s still more choice than PB64000CS offers, which is none.

In addition, PB6400MT features an aluminum alloy body that is resistant against both scratches and fingerprints. By virtue of its being metal, it’s more durable, too. It’s a bit smaller than PB6400CS, though its metal body makes it a bit heavier regardless, unsurprisingly. This doesn’t interfere with PB6400MT’s portability at all, however; it can still be taken along easily in a handbag, backpack, or even one’s hand.

And while its maximum output is still 2.1A, PB6400MT offers two USB outputs, making it the first powerbank on the market in this capacity range that can charge two smartphones at full speed simultaneously or a tablet at full speed using the 2.1A output port. So if one’s got more than one device, then PB6400MT might be the way to go.

3-Port 24W USB Car Charger

This 3-port car charger comes in two colors, black and white, and it is compatible with all 5V digital devices. The car charger features a 1A output, a 2.0A output, and a 2.4A output. The 1A output can be used to charge smartphones at full speed, while the other two can be used to charge pretty much any device at full speed. Unfortunately, because the maximum output of the charger is just 4.8A, it won’t be able to charge two tablets and a smartphone at full speed simultaneously. However, it can still accomplish that with two tablets or three smartphones, making it still a good choice for people who might need to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

One thing to note, though, is that this charger is compatible only with cars with DC 12-24V batteries. That includes almost all cars on the market, however, so that won’t be much of a problem. This charger also has an energy conversion rate of more than 90%, meaning that it will charge the devices connected to it faster because less energy will be lost during its journey from car battery to device. The charger also comes with an LED indicator that allows one to see at a glance whether it is successfully connected to a power source or not, which means that one can see immediately whether there’s something wrong with the connection between the charger and one’s cigarette lighter or with one’s car battery. That means one will never waste time believing that one’s devices are charging when, in fact, they are not. Thus, while this car charger could do with a bit more power, it is still a great choice for people who don’t have particular high requirements in this area.

EasyAcc is also running a Spring Sale at the moment. It can be found at as well, and the products being offered for this sale can be purchased at a 30% discount from April 1 to April 13 as well. This sale offers a greater variety of products, but it still features a noteworthy powerbank.

Powerbank iChoc M5

The iChoc is another one of EasyAcc’s classic powerbanks, and its greatest distinguishing feature is its built-in micro USB cable. While other powerbanks require one to bring along cables oneself, this powerbank eliminates that need with its built-in one. The built-in cable is a micro USB one, though, which means that people with iPhones and iPads will still need to bring along their own cables because they will need to use the USB port on the iChoc to charge them.

The iChoc also has a maximum input of 2A, and its output is 2.5A, with the max output of the micro USB cable being 1.5A and the max output of the USB port being 2A. While it won’t be possible to charge two tablets at full speed simultaneously with the iChoc (no powerbank in this capacity range is capable of doing so, anyway), it is possible to charge two smartphones at full speed simultaneously. And like PB6400CS, this classic powerbank also features a LED flashlight that can come in very handy when one is in the dark.

Truthfully, powerbanks in this capacity range aren’t meant for heavy-duty charging, anyway; their greatest advantage is their convenience, and the iChoc accomplishes that very well.

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