April 06 04:21 2015

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease “NTCED” is the nation’s largest medical center providing medical treatment for Mold Exposure Victims, Mycotoxins Poisoning, Mold Sickness, Mold Illness and the Symptoms of Mold Exposure.
The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease “NTCED” has taken the mystery out of what was commonly known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Mold Sickness, Mold Illness, or Toxic Mold Syndrome (TMS), treating patients traveling to the U.S. from as far away as Russia, Australia, Europe, Canada, and virtually from all parts of the globe. The question is; why would people flock from all over the world and from all over the U.S., for medical testing and treatment?

The answer came from National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease spokesperson, Myra Hamill. According to Hamill, mold exposure is not well understood and is a serious condition documented to cause damage to internal organs, and the nervous system. The reason it is not well understood is that for the most part this is not a disease as the general medical profession is used to dealing with. This is for the most part a toxicological issue of people being poisoned by the organic poisons produced by mold growing in indoor water damaged environments. These poisons are known as “Mycotoxins”. These same toxins have been monitored by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for decades in the U.S. food surpluses. These toxins are documented as some of the deadliest compounds known to man and measured in the Part Per Billion “ppb”. If the FDA finds ½ of one ppb of Aflatoxin in milk, that milk is deemed not fit for human consumption. We have patients coming to our facility for treatment with 20 times that amount of toxin in their bodies. And their local physicians don’t know what to do with them. Many patients are told by their primary care physicians, “mold can’t make you sick.” Physicians making these types of statements are still in the stone age of medicine.

Hamill went on to say, one factor that separates our facility from any other, is that we have Board Certified Environmentalists on staff. These environmentalists have been in hundreds and hundreds of sick buildings and water damaged indoor environments and they have isolated the pathogens, or things in those environments that would make people sick. Then, we designed medical testing to find those same exact pathogens in the human body. After being able to isolate the pathogens in the body our medical team then crafted the medical protocols that extract those exact same toxins form the human body. Basically, we did what made sense, and it works!

Our new free eBook, “Mold Defeated, Lives Restored”, depicts the mass misdiagnosis of Mold Sickness, as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, Chronic Fatigues Syndrome and a number of other diseases and syndromes, leading to patients getting the wrong diagnosis, the wrong medications, and suffering needlessly for years being misdiagnosed and mistreated. We hope our new M7 Mycotoxin test will help put an end to the medical madness, and give more physicians the diagnostic tools they need to make better patient assessments.

For more information about Mycotoxin poisoning, Mold Exposure, Mold Sickness, or the symptoms of mold exposure please visit NTCED.Org

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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