Marma Treatment: A divine hand that lead you to healthy life

April 06 21:41 2015
Marma treatment is the most satisfying way to a healthy life. It uses nature’s ways to heal all kinds of pains and mental stresses. You can give hand to a promise that assure you a completely healthy body and to have a rejuvenated life. Martial art is also an opportunity to improve memory power, flexibility and concentration.

Healthy Life: Leading a healthy life is not all about having a strong body. The health of a man is something that is related to both body and mind. In order to live and work with utmost efficiency one should have a sound mental status as well as a body free from any kind if diseases. Any disturbance in these can lead you to an unhealthy life. There are many options for you to cure the illnesses of body as well as mind. Some of them are effective and some of them are not. As it is the case of our body and mind, most of us are ready to spend too much money for its betterment. This increases the chances of getting cheated. There are many unauthorized and uncertified agencies offering the clients with various treatments for the illnesses of mind and body. You must be choosing the best of the reliable agencies to ensure a rejuvenated life ahead.

Marma Treatment: Our ancestors had clear idea of our body and knew how to cure the illness of body through natural ways. They were successful in identifying the vital spots in the human body having access to the body and the mind. The Marma Chikitsa is a therapeutic treatment in these vital points to cure the illness of body and the mind. This treatment is derived from the martial art of Kerala namely Kalari Payattu. 108 marma spots are identified in the human body. By proper treatment on these points, the illnesses on various body parts can be cured. Nadis are energy channels through which vital energy flow in our body. Illnesses are caused by some obstruction to this flow of energy through the Nadis.  Through Marma treatment this obstruction is removed and the flow of vital energy is revived in the body. Thus the patient gets cured. The major significance of Marma Treatment is that it is completely nature friendly and thus no after effect is expected.

Marma Treatment for Back pain: These days back pain is a common disease and lot of people seek for its better treatment. Marma treatment for back pain is the best way to heal the pain completely. You can depend won this without any confusion as this is very much linked with nature. Experts treat the patients suffering from back pain through various massages.  They apply pressure on the Marma parts of the patients with their hand. This massage is called ‘Abhayanga’. Warm medicated oil is used for doing this. You can enjoy complete revival from the back pain through Marma treatment.

Other uses of Marma Treatment: Marma treatment helps you to have a rejuvenated life. It is helpful in treating all kinds of body pains. Various pains including joint pains after accidents, neck pains suffered by computer experts etc. can be easily cured with proper Marma treatment. This treatment relaxes your mind and makes you refreshed. These will help you to attain an added energy with stress less mind.

Jai Hindi Kalari Sangham: It is the most reliable Marma treatment center now available in Kerala, India. Here you can learn and train Marma treatment. Our expert master Sri.I Nazer Gurukkal will help you in understanding the same. You can use the accommodation facility too. With guaranteed treatment, the Jai Hind kalari Sangham heal all your pains to make you an energetic person.

Traditional Martial art: Kalaripayattu is practiced and performed in Kerala from many centuries. It is considered to be traditional martial arts which are a way of defending from the enemies. It focuses on defending the enemy than attacking. The major benefit of training the martial arts is to improve the concentration and the flexibility of the body. It also gives advanced memory power and health to the body. Our master Sri I. Nazer gurukkal trains the students Kalaripayattu in South Indian style.Jai Hind Kalari Sanghamwon the championship continuously for the last 12 Years conducted by Kottayam District Kalaripayattu Association. Here is the most satisfying place for you to learn the art from the master.

Training in Kalari Marma Treatment

Training in Kalari Marma treatment is provided at Jai Hind Kalari Sangham. Being the most reliable treatment for back pain and such infirmities, Marma treatment has got a major significance in today’s health care system. This treatment not only cures the physical illnesses but also rejuvenates the patient to refresh their soul. Thus strengthen the patient physically, mentally and spiritually.

Kalari marma treatment is not related to Ayurveda.

It is entirely different from Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatment. In Ayurveda people get relief from medicines than massage. But according to Kalari system, there are 108 marma points which are extremely vulnerable. Marma points should not be mistaken as the ‘trigger points’ described in modern orthopaedics and sports sciences. (Trigger points are tender points in the muscle tissue which when stimulated, can elicit pain.) Disturbances to the Marma points can cause severe pain and deformity. Depending on the degree of trauma to these points, the after effects may vary. The pain caused, deformity produced and all other uneasiness’s can worsen with time elapse. The first aid for trauma to Marma points should be sought from a Kalari Master as early as possible, since delay in treatment can severely worsen the condition. Anatomically speaking, a severe trauma caused by external forces can cause internal bleeding due to rupture of blood vessels which is called haemorrhage. This cause a marked decrease in blood supply to the part affected. As a result, supply of oxygen and necessary nutrients are decreased. This leads to enormous cell death. Accumulation of dead cells can lead to a condition called sepsis. It then spreads along with blood to lungs causing pneumonia, septicaemia then to brain, causing meningitis, which may lead to death.

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