Vesa Peltonen launched IndieGoGo campaign to empower individuals with anxiety problems

April 07 00:36 2015

April 06, 2015 – Thunder bay, Ontario – Good literature is hard to come by in the modern day world and hence when it does, it should be given its due appreciation. Since writing is an art, it would require the mind of a true artist to craft a masterpiece. ‘Anxiety and the Artist Within’ book has been skillfully composed by Vesa Peltonen, a true artist and counselor who seeks to empower other creative people with anxiety-related problems that may hinder them in their day-to-day activities. So, what makes this campaign worth contributing?

Evidently from its title, the book seeks to reinvigorate artists who’ve lost their passion through anxiety related disorders. The author, Vesa Peltonen, elaborately discusses his ordeal with anxiety after a car accident which left him desperate and without the drive to continue with normal life. The nostalgic state of this narration effectively creates a rapport with the reader, giving one something they can relate to

In the body of the book, Mr. Peltonen discusses with other artists various ways in which they can develop lost interests in their art-forms. Furthermore, being a counselor, the author has professionally crafted some processes which artists can use to re-focus their ideas when they are facing ups and downs in their careers. Additionally, the book also documents interviews with other famous artists who have also experienced anxiety and how they came to deal with their problems. Through this, the book aims to thoroughly help an individual regain their passion for creating art.

The author’s attention to detail when narrating his past experiences with anxiety and how he dealt with it gives confidence and hope to any artist who may be experiencing a similar ordeal. The additional tips on how to deal with anxiety makes this piece of literature not only therapeutically helpful, but also a must read for any artist.

Currently there is an ongoing campaign being run by the Vesa Peltonen Art Works from March 2015 to May 2015 to raise finances for it to be printed. This fundraise is being referred to as the Indiegogo campaign and lot of people have shown interest to donate funds so that this manuscript can be printed. You can visit the site below to contribute.


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