Kerala sarees and salwars: Creating waves in the fashion industry

April 07 20:26 2015

One of the most happening industries in the world is the fashion industry. Every minute new change occurs and new trends are created. From clothes to accessories, the fashion industry is ever changing. The latest trend in Indian fashion industry seems to be a mix between traditional and modern looks. Most of the Bollywood divas have now ditched evening gowns for sarees in parties and award ceremonies. The change has now spread to the traditional designs and the new wave is to add modernity to the existing look. The recent name in such traditional cum modern looks is Kerala saree and salwar.

Indian women are blessed with a wardrobe choice that surpasses almost all their other counterparts in terms of the variety available for them. Of these, saree leads the list as the favorite among women of all ages. It is not just comfortable and classy but makes you look elegant and beautiful. Each region of India is famous for the unique pattern in designing of sarees. From fabric to patterns, the choices are multiple. Over the years, saree has undergone several changes and has inculcated several modern designs and patterns for the modern Indian women.

The latest design in the saree fashion world is going monochrome. The latest spring collections and summer catalogues, all featured bright monochrome color patterns in different fabrics. Of these, the ones on cotton fabrics have become a huge hit among saree lovers. They are not just comfortable during summer, but also beautiful and lighten up your look. From Bollywood divas to working class women, everyone now owns a monochrome light shade cotton saree for a hot outing.

If you are looking for a saree that is a perfect mix of traditional and modern look and stays up to date in the fasion industry, then check out the kerala sarees and salwars. A perfect combination of white and gold, kerala sarees offer a traditional look and come in a variety of designs. The basic color combination of white and gold has been a trademark of the Kerala sarees and now can be found on other attires like skirts and salwars.

Although, the gold border marks a distinct look to the saree, the designs now have different colors on the border of the saree along with the plain white body. The blouses of such sarees are often heavily adorned with embroidery or are simple monochrome colors that go well with the saree border. Apart from that, these days, designer patterns are even found at the end of the saree with embroidery work or laces work. Such brocade work adds a stylish appeal to the saree. It is the white color of the saree along with such designer works that adds to the beauty of Kerala sarees.

While Kerala saree comes in regular length, traditionally the attire consisted two pieces of cloth and was known as Mundum Neriyathum. It is still popular among Malayalee women. The Mundu covers the lower part of the body and the Neriyathu covers the upper portion of the body. Although like a half saree, this two piece outfit, looks elegant and adds to the beauty of a woman. Unlike saree, this is easy to drape and easy to handle. It is more comfortable than a regular saree and can be worn for every occasion.

The traditional kerala saree is a must during festivals in Kerala. However, these days, these sarees have become regular wears among Kerala women because of the comfort it offers and the beautiful look it offers. These sarees are generally hand woven by designers in Kerala. However, due to its popularity, these days some of the common designs are not individually woven. If you are just looking for a regular Kerala saree in golden border with white or ivory monochrome, go for such sarees. However, for a unique and elegant look, look out for individually hand woven and beautifully crafted sarees.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Kerala sarees and salwars is the comfort it offers. The fabric is extremely comfortable during hot and humid conditions and the colors are smoothening and calm. They can be easily accessorized with almost anything in your closet. Traditional accessories would give you a complete traditional look whereas a mix of different accessories would give you a different look that will definitely make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. This wide range of possibilities has given this traditional attire immense popularity among 

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