Career Development and High Performance: A New Paradigm For Supporting High Performance Organizations

April 07 20:56 2015

Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development
The history of career development is that it has always been a component of a human resources function focused on supporting employees in regards to promotion, skill building and increased compensation while promoting a feeling of earned security. This leads to the perception that “once I get the job and do what I am told, I will work here as long as I want.”

The reality today is that career development is much more important with far reaching implications for an organization. The marketplace has changed from just producing products and services that make money to producing products and services defined by the demands and needs of the customer. As always, profits and marketplace relevancy are required business outcomes but the challenge is achieving them when so much flexibility and adaptability are needed.

Organizations must learn with customers faster than their competitors to be successful in today’s global marketplace. A high performance organization is a learning organization and key to being competitive. It collaborates and facilitates learning with customers to ensure a win for all stakeholders. Career development strategy and activities must align with an organization’s marketplace requirements in order to be value added to the performance of the business enterprise. How should career development align its strategy to support the continuous dynamics of a high performance learning organization? That is the marketplace challenge.

Today, career development must be defined in terms of earned security as opposed to promised security. When focused on supporting a high performance learning organization, a career development strategy must focus on the following.

  • Marketplace opportunities and potential
  • A synergy of skill training and the development of systems thinking, collaborative communications and self-governing behaviors needed to learn and add value with others
  • Individual growth and value added, not position/title
  • Inclusion of all stakeholders for achieving individual and organizational success

The rationale for creating a new career development approach is clear. High performance must be created and sustained in order to achieve a business enterprise success. Therefore, career development must be focused in the same way. No longer can career development focus solely on providing answers and solutions. Career development must instill a systems thinking and collaborative learning approach to solving problems and making decisions. It must empower all performers to lead change and collaboratively learn with others.

Businesses are failing at a faster rate than ever before – not because of lack of marketplace opportunity but because organizational performers still view others as providing their career opportunity. Performers must view themselves as catalysts for defining potential. Career development must support that focus and assist by supporting individuals in achieving, excelling and defining careers.

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