UK Rap Artist “DJ JY” Launches Campaign To Get His Twitter Account Verified

April 08 16:16 2015

Johnathan Yesson
Johnathan Yesson or also known as DJ JY has launched a campaign to get his Twitter account verified. DJ JY is a famous Rap artist and musician from South East London, who recently got his Facebook profile verified.

The renowned UK Rap Artist “DJ JY” has launched a campaign to get his Twitter account verified.

His Twitter account is now connected to his verified profile on Facebook. With the same, his latest tweets showing his concerns over the status of his identity on the micro-blogging platform are now published on his verified Facebook account as well.

Johnathan recently got his Facebook page verified in the previous month when the social media giants understood the importance of his status and identity. His Twitter account has been posting messages since long related to the identity issue and other verified accounts of celebrities have shown concern and are supporting Johnathan’s campaign.

There are a number of fake DJ JY’s accounts on Twitter using the artists images and name. This has made it very difficult to search and find the real profile or official Twitter account of DJ JY. These fake account are even acting as if they are the real Johnathan. One such account is

Speaking to media, Johnathan said, “Yes, I have launched a campaign to get my Twitter account verified as some other people are using my name and identity in their fake accounts on Twitter. These fake IDs on social media sites have made it very difficult for my true fans and friends to find and connect with me. Since my Facebook account is already verified I am taking the help of my FB account to show people my true identity or Twitter handle on the social media platform.” He further added, “My tweets will be posted on connected verified Facebook account as well so that people will be able to recognize me on Twitter.”

According to the sources, Johnathan has already reported quite a few fake accounts; however, reporting the complete list will take some time.

About Johnathan Yesson

Johnathan Yesson is a famous UK based rapper and musician also known as DJ JY. He is also a gamer, Journalist and Social Media Manager.

Johnathan Yesson or “DJ JY” does appear to be a person of interest as I’ve found some of his clearly official resources:

Media Contact
Contact Person: Johnathan Yesson
Email: Send Email
Phone: 07479470553
Address:1 Hothfield Place, Lower Road
City: London
Country: United Kingdom