Local Manufacturer of Proven Effective Permanent Tattoo Removal Cream Calls for International Distributors

April 08 16:36 2015

Evanesco, tattoo removal cream manufacturer, encourages international distributors to become part of their growing company. This is in light of all-time results garnered by real customers who trusted and applied the cream with positive results in as little as 4 weeks. Compared to other products and procedures in the market today, Evanesco has been proven to not just fade tattoos but entirely remove it from the skin. It’s also proven to be more efficient than laser treatment thus less costly for average users.

Faring Against Competition

When pit side by side with other leading methods [laser removal and fading creams] used and encouraged by shops and tattoo removal professionals, Evanesco’s cream product has aced the test in all categories. Being made from all organic cashew nut oil and carcia extracts, it’s the only method among the fray of current industry accepted processes that can claim that it’s all natural.

Sessions needed is most minimal at just once and laser with the most at 15 sessions tops. There’s also no time interval needed in between sessions while using Evanesco as compared to competitors.

“The type of treatment we offer is purely non-invasive, non-corrosive and all natural dermatological reaction that takes the fastest time for results to be seen at just 2 to 3 weeks,” says Ronald Vanderkuyl, company representative. “Unlike laser treatment it will never burn your skin away nor will it leave lasting scars. We cannot promise that the process won’t hurt but so does every other procedure out there. And this will depend a lot on the area concerned.”

Being a newly harked product, it has become the company’s foremost concern that its adopters, or new customers get the most out of the product so for every new purchase, they will offer complimentary Skype video training to guarantee the most efficient results. This also ensures that buyers will be more than satisfied with their recent purchase.

Active and Approved Ingredients

Evanesco cream contains de-ionized water, talc, citrus lemon extract, and Anacardium Occidentale oil that were specifically combined and mixed to achieve desired results.

The water containing no residuals allows the cream to work seamlessly with no outside interference from contamination while talc keeps the skin from irritating. The Occidentale oil extract has anti-microbial properties that promotes healthy skin regeneration while at the same time preventing untoward infections and citrus extracts or Ficus helps facilitate the initiation of dermatological reactions for skin removal on the area with tattoos.

This process is called Microdermabrasion, an FDA approved process that exfoliates, penetrates and removes desired ink on dermis surface.

About Evanesco LLC

Introducing a one-step tattoo removal system through their tested, FDA approved, made in the USA, tattoo removal cream, manufacturer Evanesco found an East Asian tattoo removal recipe that has been in use for centuries by local tribes to successfully remove any tattoo residue on their skin. Their experts have fine-tuned this cream using the Cashew Nut Shell Oil [CSNL]. The permanent removal cream can bring about results in as fast as a minute after application but this too will depend greatly on various factors such as tattoo size, area and design. Simpler designs tend to go away faster than more intricate ones.

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