Survival Zoo Announces Launch of Online Store Offering the Latest Survival Foods, Gear, Tactical Products & Knives at Amazing Prices

April 08 16:41 2015

San Jose, CA. – Finding premium quality survival products set at affordable prices has recently become much easier with the launch of the new online store, Survival Zoo. Owned and operated by true survival enthusiasts, the new store has been met with a very passionate response from customers.

Experts agree, in extreme survival situations having access to the right product can mean the difference between life and death. Survival Zoo, a new online store who recently announced their grand opening, specialize in offering the latest survival gear, foods, tactical choices and knives that have been proven to be reliable in real world situations. Backed by excellent price points and an engaged and knowledgeable staff, the new store is quickly become a favorite among survival enthusiasts and everyday consumers.

“Being prepared is easy,” commented William Neece, CEO of Survival Zoo. “If you have a solid plan, tools and supplies. Our goal is to help our customers be able to put together exactly what they need for these scenarios, in a way that keeps their costs low and provides them with food, gear and other products that they can absolutely rely on when they need them most.”

According to the company, recent best selling products include: a wide range of premium freeze dried food, in different shapes and sizes; Children’s, Adult’s and Elite Survival Kits; Combat Survival Utility Knives; and much, much more.

Early reviews have been completely positive.

John H., from Maine, recently said, “I recently bought a full year of freeze dried food from Survival Zoo and we are ecstatic about both the price and the quality of what was delivered. This is really an exceptional resource and where we will be doing our survival shopping from this point on. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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