Dr. Alan Greene Reveals Benefits of Vitamin D for Children

April 09 19:52 2015
Kids In The House interviewed Dr. Alan Greene to help parents keep their kids healthy with Vitamin D this winter.
The winter season can be a tough time for anyone as the lack of sunshine decreases a person’s Vitamin D intake. Vitamin D doesn’t only help you build strong bones, but it also increases your serotonin, which increases your happiness. Kids In The House interviewed Dr. Alan Greene to help parents keep their kids healthy with Vitamin D this winter.
Dr. Greene says Vitamin D is essential for good health. “Besides the benefits of helping bones and teeth, which people know about, it lowers the risk of a lot of other conditions, including things like asthma, diabetes, and even the common cold,” said Dr. Greene.
Dr. Greene explained that there was a study between Vitamin D versus a placebo, which were given to the same school kids and they were mixed through the same classrooms. The students who got Vitamin D supplement were far less likely to get respiratory infections during the year. If they did get respiratory infections they lasted about half as long.
Learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D from Dr. Greene: 
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