Arrnica Dayannandan introduces a therapeutic alternative for adults: Arrnica’s Imaginarium 2 – A Therapeutic Adult Color Book

April 10 17:52 2015

Coloring Shapes and Figures – The name pretty much says it all; created by Arnica and currently gaining much attention for its Kickstarter campaign, the art therapy coloring books are comprised of drawings, symbols, as well as shapes designed to trigger the creative side of a person. It is meant to relax an individual through the combination of aesthetically pleasing pictures and the use of vibrant colors.

Some of Arnica’s designs are available online, showcasing the symmetrical inky drawings that are meant to be in the book. Printable coloring pages give you the chance to recreate the images as big or as small as you want. The symbols also come with extensive explanations on the message of each illustration, thus giving adults an idea of how exactly to make their coloring games stand out. Some of the illustrations include: Three Elements and In Her Queendom.

Affordable Therapy

In the United States alone, more than 40 million people suffer from anxiety and depression with the government spending more than $42 billion when treating mental health problems. The use of therapeutic coloring books stems right from the concept of color therapy. Currently being used by professionals, it works on the belief that different colors affect the moods of individuals. Using this concept, patients who are suffering from stress and depression can better express their emotions by exercising their creativity and coloring harmonious images to pass their time.

The adult coloring books are currently available online with the artist providing signed copies for interested buyers. Not just for adults, however, Arnica’s Imaginarium 2 — A Therapeutic Adult Color Book also functions as coloring pages for kids.

Kickstarter pledge for Arnica’s Imaginarium 2 — A Therapeutic Adult Color Book pledge ranges between $5 and $25, with participants receiving anywhere between a 20-page PDF to a 75-page PDF, accordingly. You can find more details from the link given below.

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