AmeriPro Home Loans Fosters Hope With It’s Support of Royal Family Kids

April 10 18:41 2015

At the end of each camp I know that I have emptied myself into children whose lives have neither of these and each of our lives is better for it.
Tulsa Kids Camp Benefits Children in the Foster Care System

We all long for purpose in our lives. Most of our jobs do not fulfill this longing. Our careers can allow us to make a mark but they are not the path to leaving a legacy. Using our talents, resources and time to permanently impact people’s lives is what makes our lives valuable. The needs of children within the foster care system present such an opportunity. Over 400,000 children in the United States are in the Foster Care System.

Royal Family Kids mission is to create life-changing moments for children ages 6-12 that are in the foster care system. This is accomplished through the partnership of a local church and the Department of Human Services. In Tulsa this means that for the last 16 years we have provided a week of camp to children in need. This last July we gave 68 children a 5-day camp experience. RFK has been one of the ways that I make my life count. We do everything you would expect at camp: Swimming, biking, hiking, fishing, arts and crafts etc. That is only part of the story.

These kids are missing elements of life that most of us take for granted: attention, affirmation, happiness, positive memories, emotional connectedness and “basics’ such as food, clothing, and safety. The sum of these missing parts is a loss of hope. You can see it in the eyes of an 8-year old girl who has been in 16 foster homes, the 11- year old boy whose only contact with his sister is at camp each year, or the 12-year girl who has lost her childhood to repeated sexual abuse, her mother to drugs and her father to gun violence.

During this week we are with our campers 24/7. There are ups and downs for both counselors and campers. Often these kids want nothing to do with us when they arrive. Trust is not in their vocabulary. They have many emotional and physical issues. We look for ways to speak into their lives and soften hearts. By our words and actions we show them what healthy child-to-child and adult-to-child relationships looks like. We cannot change what has happened to them but we can instill in them a vision of what their life can be and the knowledge that the choices they make can change their destiny.

One week does make a difference. In fact, it can take one moment to change a life. Camp is a week of creating memories and teachable moments. The hard part is you have no idea which memory will a child latch on to. What act or word will spark hope that catches fire later? What instilled dream will give the child the ability to persevere through the adversity that is still ahead of them?

Abuse and abandonment are deep wounds. Healing takes time. Love and hope can work miracles in a child’s soul. Do I look forward to this “vacation” each year? Not really. It is the hardest week of my year. It is also the most rewarding week. It is a week separated from the other fifty-one where my life is bountifully blessed with family and emotional prosperity. At the end of each camp I know that I have emptied myself into children whose lives have neither of these and each of our lives is better for it.

If you would like to support Royal Family Kids in the Tulsa area contact Christian Chapel at 918-250-2575 or on find us on the web at

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