[In-Depth] Does ZAPABLE Truly Create Powerful Mobile Apps in Minutes? By IM Expert HanifQ [Exclusive Bonus]

April 10 21:32 2015

Does the Zapable App Builder truly help Newbies create powerful mobile apps that can be monetized instantly? Is Zapable a quick and easy app building tool?

Hanif Quentino’s in-depth Zapable article answers these critical questions on this forum:

Mobile app marketing has become an important trend in the eyes of most marketers today and in this regard, it is important to know which approach to review before taking action. There are very many marketing campaigners who realize the value of mobile app marketing but the unfortunate thing is that they do understand what to do to make sure that they run their campaigns effectively. In this article, we shall look at a few tips to review and keep in mind while running your mobile app marketing campaign.

1. Social Media, i.e. Facebook

Facebook is one social media platform that has been in existence for quite a while and therefore has wide community at hand. If you understand how to run mobile app marketing using such a platform, you will realize an increase in the amount of traffic coming in.

2. External Audiences

Using external audiences is another ideal way of getting more of your efforts with the audience in the same niche as you. You can always consider such sources to attract even more people.

3. Microsites

Microsites are simply websites that are made to gain for your campaign. To be more precise you will be using them as a filter other than anything else.

4. Email Marketing

This is essential as when you obtain potential buyers who have subscribed to your list, it will be more easier to sell in general. When you get people that can gain your trust, it will be more easier to sell by putting in less effort.

5. Retargeting

Retargeting can get more leads than you could have attained before. Retargeting is all about narrowing the market and realizing what needs to be done to gain better results.

6. Optimization

Sometimes all it takes is optimization. If this step is skipped, one might not get significant results. Ensure that you go through and optimize your app such that it fits in the app stores as the market is the place that will drive home the most traffic.

7. Mobile Ad Networks

There are very many ad networks, but the ones that are mobile centric are the key. If you employ such networks, your targeting will turn out effective and you will garner even better conversations compared to other means that turn out not as effective.

8. Testimonials

One should ensure should ensure that you gain postive reviews as this is what makes sure that your campaign moves in the right track in regard to popularity. If one succeeds with this, then be assured of the good results that will follow.

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