Mobile-based Payments in U.S. set to Almost Triple to $142 Billion in Volume in 2019 – Take a Look at IFAN Financial, Inc.!

April 15 17:22 2015

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IFAN Financial, Inc.
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  • Mobile–based payments in the U.S. are expected to reach $142 billion in volume in 2019, per Forrester Research, from about $50 billion currently. 
  • IFAN Financial’s unique platforms iPIN Technologies and Quidme are on the Cutting–edge of innovation in the e-commerce boom. 
  • IFAN is trading at 30 cents after pulling back from a 12–month high of 1.01. This presents a very solid upside for traders.

IFAN Financial, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries design, develop, and distribute software to enable mobile payments. These include the ability to use a debit card and corresponding PIN number while purchasing online on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer and peer-to-peer cash transfers. IFAN’s technology is being developed as a mobile payment solution that utilizes the text messaging function of any mobile phone or a smartphone app. 

Key Investor Points:

• IFAN’s iPIN platform is protected by 2 exclusive patents with 3 others pendingwhich enable us to provide consumers with secure transactions by withholding customer data.

• These systems are designed to fully protect customer’s personal information on mobile payments and combat the $11 Billion annual problem of Debit and credit card fraud through triple encrypted security. 

• With both Apple and Samsung making big spends on technology, Mobile payments is getting big coverage in the news. This will invariably benefit smaller players like IFAN. 

• The mission of Quidme is to bring a fundamental convenience and ease of access to banking and payment services to all customers and merchants.

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