IM Expert Hanif Quentino Releases Updated Info on T-Shirt Marketing Strategies

April 16 22:23 2015

IM Expert Hanif Quentino has published in-depth info on t-shirt marketing strategies on his website. The following tips can help any marketer in developing more successful campaigns, whether they’re using T-Shirt Titan 2.0 software or any other tool.

TeeSpring is a fascinating platform and one where being successful is quite as simple as having a quality design. Now, most people are able to get the right designs up, but what about getting them in front of people who are interested in it? This is where many people get stuck and are left wondering what they should do review in order to have successful campaigns. Here are a few lessons that have been learned from a successful TeeSpring campaign that was run in recent times.

Testing Multiple Ads Is Key

One has to understand one ad type is not going to garner enough interest. There is a need to split test and then see what the results are. If a split test is done, the results are easier to track. This means, one ad type might be gaining more attention than the other. This is when you cancel the one that is not working and put more money into the one that is. It is the best way to ensure that time is being well spent.

Focus On Improving Design

The design is the number one selling factor and the only thing the buyer is going to be paying attention to. If they are not interested in the design, they are not even going to bother clicking and that is a waste of everyone’s time. In order to get the most benefit, review the design to make sure it looks premium and has the quality that is needed to compel action takers.

A popular software that is useful in creating T-Shirt campaigns is T-Shirt Titan 2.0, available on the WarriorForum.

Provide Multiple Choices And Types

Every person is different and this has to be taken into account. If there aren’t multiple choices, it is going to impact the results negative. There might be people who are interested, but they might not like the colors that are on offer. It can be something as simple as this that can lead to a failed conversion. In order to maximize the potential, provide as many different colors and/or types as possible.

Even if the colors are not diverse, at least provide multiple types of shirts (i.e. v-necks, hoodies).

Be Patient

There is nothing better than those who are patient. If one is patient, the results are going to come. The reason for being patient is, even the most successful campaigns can end up taking a day or two before they get going and then things really get rolling. Learn to be patient and watch as the results are going to come in.

Hanif’s in-depth info on T-shirt marketing is available on the WarriorForum.

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