April 20 19:02 2015

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease the Nations Largest Facility with Medical Treatment for Environmental Exposures Including Mold Exposure and Mycotoxin Poisoning.
The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, in Atlanta, GA, the nation’s largest center treating for environmental exposures to the human body, including mold exposure and mycotoxin poisoning, may have made the first link from an environmental exposure that can cause Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

Medical and environmental researchers from The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, “NTCED” announced today that an inflammatory condition to the brain caused by mycotoxin poisoning, or endotoxin poisoning may be a major contributing factor to the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

The NTCED medical research team leader went onto say that for years, we’ve been getting hundreds of patients coming in to our facility with complaints of mold exposure, mold sickness and mycotoxin poisoning. Our data shows that 98% of our patients have had slight to severe short-term memory loss, which we have had a great deal of success in reversing. It wasn’t until some of the patients coming into our facility with advanced neurological symptoms brought with them their MRI’s with contrast revealing white matter and lesions on the brain were we able to make the connection. 

As other reports of late are pouring into the news citing healthy people as early as twenty years of age are now showing signs of dementia and proteins, white matter, or lesions on the brain, we had to ask ourselves, “Why?”

The two sources we are currently studying are; blunt trauma to the head, and inflammatory toxins which are produced naturally in our environment. Many of the young people diagnosed with early signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s had not experienced any type of head injuries, but had reported being in an environment with indoor water damages, leaks and mold. As we have all seen recently the reports from the National Football League (NFL) players are now reporting early onset symptoms of Dementia from concussions which causes inflammation of the brain. The same type of inflammation we have seen from mycotoxin, endotoxin and (1—->3) β-D beta glucan exposure victims. These toxins can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin and then translocate, or move into the cerebral cortex or brain.

These toxins then can affect the HPA axis, or pituitary gland and through a complex chemical chain reaction force the production, of precursor amyloid proteins, or the substances that are the known cause of both Dementia and Alzherimer’s disease.

Brain injury is a major cause of death and neurological disabilities worldwide. We feel there are multiple causes creating these conditions, such as sports injuries, accidents, falls, acts of violence, military battle injuries, as well as exposure to these environmental toxins.

Research indicates that there is a clear link between brain injuries and a number of different serious and debilitating neurological disorders, including Alzheimer%2Media Contact