Does cell phone reduce the overall quality of the sperm?

April 21 18:52 2015
It is time to keep your cell phone away from your pant pocket to improve your sperm quality, gents. A low level of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) from the cell phone lowers the motility and viability of the sperm up to 8% and 9% respectively.

Does cell phone reduce the overall quality of the sperm?

It is time to keep your cell phone away from your pant pocket to improve your sperm quality, gents. A low level of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) from the cell phone lowers the motility and viability of the sperm up to 8% and 9% respectively.

You may know that cell phones cause cancer and other health problems within a short period. You have to gain knowledge of almost every health problem caused by an excessive use of the cell phone on a regular basis. The EMR disturbs functions of cells and sleep routine.

Fiona Mathews in the University of Exeter, in England, and her associates began to investigate the main role of the cell phone. In this research, they analyzed up to 10 former studies. Seven studies among these 10 studies are regarding sperm motility, sperm concentration, and sperm viability. Three remaining studies are about male patients in fertility clinics. This study has confirmed the harmful effects of EMR to adult men.

The former studies regarding cell phones and sperm quality revealed that magnetic fields have a negative effect on the sperm. These magnetic fields damage DNA by the promotion of unstable oxygen compounds. The main reason for why men get this difficulty is they carry their cell phone in their pant pocket. The overall temperature improvement to the cell phone inside the pant pocket is 2.3 degree Celsius. This negative issue increases the temperature of testes to exceed and obstruct the production of the sperm normally.

There is no evidence about how much quality level of sperm is reduced because of cell phones. However, researchers confirmed that cell phones affect the sperm quality.  The sperm is also affected by severe exposure. It is the best time to pay attention to how to use cell phones in a proper way to improve the sperm quality.

Prefer coconut oil to improve your diet plan               

A ketogenic diet involves very low carbohydrates and high fat. This diet is helpful to treat a wide variety of health problems. An example for this diet application is a treatment for children’s drug-resistant epilepsy.  This is valuable to improve the ketone bodies in the blood to be healthy.

This renowned diet trims down the overall rate of seizures in epileptic children because of some valuable reasons. Coconut oil is rich in MCTs. This element is transferred to the liver and then turned into ketone bodies. Coconut oil is helpful a lot to epileptic patients who need to improve ketone bodies.

Have a cup of coffee to be smart   

People who feel tired can drink a cup of coffee to increase their energy level greatly as soon as possible. Caffeine is the best stimulant in the coffee. This is well-known as psychoactive substance today.

Once you have preferred a cup of coffee, the caffeine is absorbed mostly into the bloodstream and then takes a travel to the brain. The caffeine obstructs Adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine boosts further to improve the pace of firing of all active neurons.

Many studies show that a cup of coffee improves a variety of brain functions including, but not limited to memory, energy levels, mood, general cognitive function, and vigilance.

Flavored Fruit Juices 

You may have preferred different flavors of fruit juices at the supermarket. These fruit juices are not at all good for health. This is because they may have small amounts of real fruits, different artificial flavors and sugar.

You may have an idea to make and drink a glass of fruit juice at home. You have to understand that every fruit juice is has fruit with the best stuff removed almost entirely. A few vitamins and sugar only left in the fruit juice. For example, an orange juice has the same amount of sugar as Coco Cola.      

Fruit juices do not have fiber and chewing resistance.  If you eat too much sugar, you may get all sorts of diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes.

Eat fresh fruits instead of drinking fruit juices.

Low-Glycemic Index Foods Increase Energy Levels

People who consume low-glycemic index improve their energy level and maintain their bodyweight under control. A measure of how quickly the food increases the sugar amount in the blood is the glycemic index. Refined carbohydrates have the best stuff to increase the overall blood sugar level as quickly as possible.  This serious effect is confirmed by the Harvard Women’s Health Watch. If you consume some complex carbohydrate, your blood sugar level reduced and then increased continually. Thus, you can take advantage of the energy level easily.  The main examples for low-glycemic index foods are 100% stone ground whole wheat, converted rice, corn, oranges, melons, oat bran, muesli, yams, beans, pasta, and apples. The most common food items that have high-glycemic index are white bread, instant oatmeal, bagels, saltine cracker, corn flakes, white rice, and popcorn. These food items are the most outstanding fuels during and then after workouts. This is because they provide sugar immediately to fuel to do workouts and stock up reduced carbohydrates.

Low-Carbohydrate Diets Best For Weight Loss  

Experts in weight loss have confirmed that low carbohydrate and low fat diets support weight loss successfully. Lydia Bazzano at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has conducted and led the one year study. The conclusion of this study is low carbohydrate diet was superior to a low fat diet. A group of low-carbohydrate consumed less than 40g per day and a group of low-fat consumed less than 30g fat per day. At the end of the year, a low-carbohydrate group lost 8 pounds more than a low-fat group. A low-carbohydrate group has some favorable changes in the risk factors of heart disease including, but not limited to the ratio of whole to HDL cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and triglycerides. These test subjects were different ethnic groups and races. On the other hand, many studies have revealed that there is no significant difference between a low-carbohydrate group and a low-fat group within a year.

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