Today’s printing technology let the oil painting expert could not distinguish the real and false between the canvas prints and real works

April 24 19:23 2015

April 24, 2015 – America – Even for the experts for oil painting, identifying the authenticity of real works of art and the high quality cheap canvas prints is also not very easy.
As the report from the famous china canvas prints supplier, in 2010, Britain National Gallery announced that the museum acquired 40 pieces of fake paintings since the 19th century, including several pieces which have been initially accepted by painting by Botticelli and Hans Holbein. After acquired by museum after many years, these works had been identified as counterfeit.

The famous national museum could also makes mistakes. In June 2002, this museum held the exhibitions which is about the carefully observation for fakes and real works. This exhibition exhibited these fakes painting. This exhibition is not to teach the audience to discern between true and false but to celebrate the tireless effort of a large number of scientists and artists.

As for the finding fault activity of Dulwich Gallery, its director Bray said that the real purpose is to get people to appreciate the gallery’s permanent collection.

According to the report from unstretched canvas prints, Dulwich gallery’s exhibition will be end by the end of April and then the museum will publish the answer about which paint in the museum is the canvas print.

From this news, people could easily find that today’s printing technology already get to the level to produce the canvas prints which could totally like the real one. That is why the canvas prints from become more and more popular around the world.


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