April 29 13:17 2015

EuroDate recommends Spanish cuisine as a great way to make a romantic connection with Spanish singles.

Good food accompanied by warm conversations will always bring people together even when cultural backgrounds differ. Sitting around a romantically lit table in a room filled with the aroma of freshly cooked food is the makings of a perfectly romantic situation.   Because Spaniards in particular find eating to be very social, the stylish global dating network EuroDate has shared some of the best Spanish dishes to spark a romantic conversation for those interested in a Spanish partner. 

It is common knowledge that Spaniards love tapas and it’s the most social type of food in the world, so it’s no surprise that all the recommended dishes fall under this category.  Tapas are perfect for dates in that they allow for a variety of different flavors and are easy to eat while conversing with a partner.

First up on EuroDate’s list is Cochinillo Asado, or roast suckling pig.  Its meat is tender and juicy while its outside is crisp and perfect for those who enjoy pork rind.  Segovia, Spain is famous for its delicious Cochinillo Asado and is also a great conversation starter with its stunning castle rumored to have inspired the one appearing in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Tortilla Española, or the Spanish omelet is among the best Spanish dishes.  Usually filled with onions and occasionally topped with cheese, Tortilla Española is an omelet made of potato that can be found in any bar in the Spain. It’s the perfect food to order on a when joining a potential partner for a first date.

Jamon Iberico and Chorizo, or Iberian ham and spicy sausage falls next on EuroDate’s list of popular Spanish dishes.  Ham is cherished among Spaniards nearly as much as champagne is beloved by the French.  The mere mention of ham to a potential Spanish partner is sure to invite an engaging, lengthy chat about food favorites. And it’s the perfect dish to share with your new match.

The well-known Spanish rice dish Paella comes highly rated as the Spanish cuisine most likely to bring couples closer during a cozy dinner date. The social nature of the dish means two can order one dish to experience the same tastes and flavors. For those attracted to the idea of dating a Spaniard, having knowledge of the village of El Palmar—where Paella is said to be invented—may earn some relationship bonus points.

Lastly EuroDate recommends Patatas Bravas, or fried potatoes in spicy sauce as a topic of culinary conversations and interest.  Although sometimes served with aioli garlic sauce, the tomato sauce usually covering chopped potatoes in this dish is generally about as spicy as Spanish food can get—a great way to add extra heat to a relationship in the early stages.

For those interested in discussing intriguing cuisine and sharing other preferred dishes with potential partners,  EuroDate offers the means to connect with singles from Europe and beyond through Instant Chat and a user-friendly Messaging system. 

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