Back Stage Exploring the Making of Understanding God

April 30 21:00 2015
In a digital press junket, the Director and Cast discuss the vision and production of music mini-film, Understanding God.

Columbus, Ohio – April 30, 2015 – Serving the Peace Entertainment opened a digital press junket for music mini-film, Understanding God, providing an outlet for the director and cast to talk about what they brought to the project to ensure its success.  Below are highlights from the session with director, Michael Stewart, and actors Conphidance (Garbage Men 2015) and P.T. (Salvation RMX May 7, Bessie May 16).

Understanding God includes a dramatic interlude with a hospital scene.  How did that differ from your work on other music videos? 

Stewart: “Working on this particular 8 minute mini-movie music video, was exciting and challenging.  It made me have to think a little more out of the box.  My main focus is creating content that is unique and different and that fits the main character of the artist I may be working with.”

Speaking of characterization, Conphidance, what do you think you brought to the role of the doctor in the hospital scene?

Conphidance:  “Caring for a patient who was injured in the hopes that he would recover smoothly. God felt his time wasn’t up on earth so I was the instrument used to further his plans.”

As director, you had to work with the dramatic as well as the choreography and the coma sequence, how did you tie-all that together?

Stewart:  “My approach is make sure things technically look clean, in focus, color looks good, that’s normal cinematography stuff, but then I have to envision the artists picture in my head as well, these things should be collaborative.”

Did filming the exterior shots in Georgia, in Snellville, provide the authentic feel you were looking to achieve?

P.T.:  “I didn’t think of it like that.  I am from Georgia and, you know, I was looking to give something back by filming in the state and in the city of Snellville.”

Stewart:  “I think we achieved the vision of this first piece by giving it a distinct feel to the movement and look, keeping in line with the overall goal of the project.”

Part of a two video production deal, Understanding God has been in limited release in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area and goes into worldwide digital distribution via Indie Reign, on May 5, 2015.  The mini-film is directed by Michael Stewart from a concept written by Ashante PT Stokes, who also serves as a producer.   Serving the Peace and StewArt have a second project in this creative pairing in the mini-film concept form, Salvation RMX, that goes into limited release in Atlanta on May 7.


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