Is Nicotine Addiction really THAT big an Issue?

August 19 19:11 2015

Studies have shown that about 70% of smokers want to quit each year, but roughly 4% to 7% successfully give it up without the assistance outsourced help.
Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world.

Studies have shown that about 70% of smokers want to quit each year, but roughly 4% to 7% successfully give it up without the assistance outsourced help. Cigarettes have become accessible to the underage population forming terrible habits at a young age. Five of the most noticeable effects of nicotine use are:

1. Accelerated aging. i.e. Destroying the skin’s elastic fibers and weakening its ability to repair itself.

2. Tooth Decay. Smoking develops a yellowish tint on the surface of the teeth.

3. Lowers the immune system. Chemicals that cigarettes contain inflame and damage cells within the organs that cannot be healed.

4. Increased heart rate.

5. Creates irritability within people generating a need for the substance.

Does Nicotine cause cancer?

Contrary to popular belief, nicotine inside of tobacco is not the initial cause of cancer. Nicotine is the substance within tobacco that helps get and keep people addicted. Other substances inside tobacco are more to blame for cancer.


Initially nicotine produces an energizing sensation, but within a few hours of smoking, withdrawals begin to set in. Nicotine creates enjoyable feelings inside the brain that make the smoker reliant upon it for sanity, happiness, and pleasure. It’s more difficult to quit smoking than it is to get clean from cocaine or other opiates like heroin. This substance is one of the most dangerous because of how addictive it is. Once nicotine has sunk it’s teeth into someone, the percentage of people who are able to get free from the addiction  is very low.

Weakening the immune system.

The toll that nicotine takes on the lungs is largely negative. The immune system is weakened by depressing antibodies and cells within the body that are there to protect against unfamiliar invaders. Once the immune system has been compromised, there are many other adverse effects. The body becomes susceptible to heart disease, lung cancer, sickness, and many other unfavorable diseases.

Nicotine in and of itself is not the villain, but since it possesses such intense addictive chemicals, it grasps a hold of an individual and doesn’t let go. It takes perseverance and dedication to quit. Almost every smoker out there wants to quit because they are well aware of the harm that tobacco has on the body, but because of how powerful nicotine is, quitting is an heightened challenge. The benefits of quitting are astonishing and seeking assistance is near inevitable, but life free from addiction is beautiful, making it well worth it.

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