CASA Recovery Explain The Stigma Attached to Addiction can Cause even Greater Harm to the Human Body

August 29 01:11 2015

Therapists trained in different modalities can be very helpful in different stages of recovery, and some modalities are better for other types of addiction.
It’s common knowledge that drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating to a person’s life, but the impacts on a day to day level are serious and have long-lasting consequences.

In the workplace, trust can deteriorate as an employee’s responsibility and reliability come into question.  Social relationships can suffer and support networks can easily erode.  Romantic relationships and family ties suffer under the stress of lies and manipulation, leaving the addict alone and feeling even more defenseless against the depression, loneliness and mental illness that led them down addiction’s path in the first place.  Normally, when a person has a physical illness that requires medical attention, friends and families often flock together to help ensure that stress stays low and recovery is ensured.  When addiction is a factor, the stigma of mental illness becomes a part of the equation. A feeling of being profoundly alone and isolated from family is one of the things that drives addicts to seek help.

Help for addiction comes in many types, and not every plan for recovery is suitable to every client.  The best programs will have the widest variety of resources for the client, including various therapeutic resources to treat the underlying emotional issues that are present and preventing a successful recovery.  Therapists trained in different modalities can be very helpful in different stages of recovery, and some modalities are better for other types of addiction.  In fact, having access to personal one-on-one psychotherapy can be a major resource during the first stages of recovery, but also adding group therapy programs led by an experienced treatment professional can make a significant difference in maintaining recovery and rebuilding a structure of friends and social support.

When a person is suffering, no matter what the cause, the first instinct of a loving family member or friend is to help.  Finding a treatment program that will help with a disease as complicated as addiction can seem like a daunting task, with such a large arena to choose from.  Stopping the destructive behaviors that can cause such turmoil in a person’s life is critical, and finding a team of caring professionals who are able to appreciate the person underneath the addiction is key to recovery.  The best resource to have in the family’s corner is an experienced group of therapists and addiction treatment professionals who can ensure that the path to recovery is as smooth and loving as possible.


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